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    Salisbury, Edward of - Also called Edward the Sheriff. Possibly an Englishman. Daughter married the second Humphrey de Bohun. Sheriff of Wiltshire; ancestor of Earls of Salisbury. Holdings in 9 southern counties.

    Salisbury, Osmund, Bishop of - Earl of Seez, Normandy. Bishop of Salisbury, 1078-99; Member of Privy Council, chancellor, 1073-82; probably Earl of Dorset and Somerset. Canonised 1457. Holdings in Berks. and Lincs. Church holdings also in Dorset, Oxon., Surrey and Wilts.

    Samson the Chaplain - Chaplain to William I; Bishop of Worcester, 1096-1112. Possibly the Domesday scribe.

    Scrope, Richard - A Norman who settled in Herefordshire before the conquest. Castle there.

    Serlo, Abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester - Abbot, 1072-1104. Abbey holdings in Herefords., Hants., Worcs.

    Shrewsbury, Roger, Earl of - Also Roger of Montgomery. From Saint Germain de Montgomery, south of Lisieux in Normandy. Born in 1022, married Mabel Talvas from Alencon, France; had four children: Robert (Count of Alencon), Hugh (who inherited the Earldoms of Arundel and Shrewsbury), Roger (Count de Poitou, first Earl of Lancaster) and Philip, who died on the first Crusade. Montgomery promised some 60 ships for the Conquest of 1066, and was responsible for ensuring safety of Normandy while William ruled England. For this part he was rewarded with title Lord of Sussex rape of Arundel, with castle there; Earl of Shrewsbury from 1071-74 to death in 1094. Montgomeryshire and the town and castle of Montgomery, in modern Wales, are named after him. Built many defensive castles along the Welsh border including Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Oswestry. Holdings in 12 counties in south, east and west.

    Siward, Earl - Also called Siward bairn (the warrior). Joined Edwin and Morcar in rebellion of 1071. Holdings in Notts.

    Siward, Earl Digera - (the strong) Father of Waltheof, died 1056.

    Spain, Alfred of - From Espaignes, Eure. Large holdings in Somerset. Also in five other western and south-western counties.

    Stafford, Robert of - Son of Roger de Tosny, brother of Ralph; married Roger Bigot's daughter. Large holdings in Staffs. Also in 5 other western and Home counties.

    Sturmy, Richard - Probably Forester of Savernake, and ancestor of all subsequent Wardens of Savernake. Holdings in Hants. and Wilts.

    Swein - Son of Robert FitzWymark. Sheriff of Essex for a period between 1066 and 1086; built Rayleigh Castle. Holdings in Essex.


    Tallboys, Ivo - Also called 'cut-bush'. Married Lucy. In charge of siege of Hereward the Wake at Ely, 1069. Steward to William II. Holdings in Lincs. and Norfolk.

    Tirel, Walter - Under-tenant in Somerset and Essex. Thought to be the grandfather of Walter Tirel III, who shot and killed William Rufus with an arrow in the New Forest in 1100, possibly accidentally.

    Tonbridge, Richard of - Also called Richard de Clare, and Richard FitzGilbert. Son of Count Gilbert of Brion, brother of Baldwin of Exeter. Lord of Clare, Suffolk, Lord of Lowry of Tonbridge and Tonbridge Castle. Holdings in 8 counties from Suffolk to Devon.

    Tosny, Berenger de - Second son of Robert de Tosny. Holdings in Lincs., Notts., Oxon., Yorks.

    Tosny, Ralph de - Also called Ralph of Conches. From Tosny, Eure. Son of Roger de Tosny; older brother of Robert of Stafford; sister, Adeline, married Earl William FitzOsbern. Seat at Flamstead, Herts.; Lord of Clifford Castle, Herefordshire. Holdings in 7 southern, East Anglian and Home counties.

    Tosny, Robert de - Founder of Belvoir Castle. Holdings in 13 counties from Herts. north.

    Totnes, Iudhael of - Large holdings in Devon. Also in Cornwall.

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