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    Abetot, Urso d' - Also called Urso of Worcester. From Abbetot, Seine-Maritime (France). Sheriff of Worcestershire. Brother of Robert the Bursar. Helped crush revolt of Roger of Hereford, 1075. Took much land from Worcester church and Odo of Bayeux after his disgrace. Large holdings in Worcester, Gloucs., Herefords., Warwicks.

    Aincourt, Walter d' - Holdings in 6 Midland and northern counties.

    Aiulf the Chamberlain - Brother of Humphrey the Chamberlain. Sheriff of Dorset and later, in 1091, Somerset. Large holdings in Dorset, Berks., and Wilts.

    Alfred the Butler - Butler to William I's half-brother, the Count of Mortain.

    Alselin, Geoffrey - Holdings in 7 northern and Midland counties, mostly taken from and Englishman, Toki.

    Arden, also called Thorkell of Warwick - Descendant of the Danish earl who retained lands in Warwickshire.

    Aubigny, Nigel d' - From St. Martin d'Aubigny near Coutances. Eldest son took name of Mowbray, ancestor of dukes of Norfolk. Large holdings in Beds., Bucks., Leics., Warwicks.


    Baldwin, Abbot of Bury St. Edmunds - Abbot 1065-1098. Edward the Confessor's doctor. Abbey holdings in 7 southern counties.

    Bayeux, Odo, Bishop of - Also Earl of Kent. Half-brother to William I, son of Herlwin, Viscount of Conteville and Herleva, his mistress and William's mother. Regent in William I's absence. Arrested 1082, in prison at Rouen in 1086, pardoned by William I on his death bed; rebelled against William Rufus in 1088, defeated; fled to Normandy, died 1097 on First Crusade. Holdings in 22 counties, some still under his name.

    Beauchamp, Hugh de - Ancestor of Beauchamp family; Large holdings in Beds., Herts., and Bucks.

    Beaumont, Robert of - Also called Count of Meulan which he became through his mother. Brother of Henry, son of Roger. Earl of Leicester from 1107; died 1118. Robert became close advisor of Henry I.
    His twin children, Robert who inherited the title, and Walerun, Count Meulan and later Earl of Worcester were a great influence on King Stephen.
    Gilbert de Clare was a brother-in-law; their half brother William de Warenne became second Earl of Surrey. Holdings in Leics., Northants., and Warwicks.

    Beaumont, Roger of - Probably from Beaument-le-Roger, Eure. Father of Henry and Robert. Entered monastry of St. Pierre, Preaux, 1094-95. Holdings in Dorset, Glos.

    Bello Fargo, William of, Bishop of Thetford - From Beaufour, Calvados. Nominated Bishop of Thetford, Dec. 1085; died 1091. Holdings in Norfolk and Suffolk. Church holdings in same counties.

    Berkeley, Roger de - Became a monk of Gloucester in 1091. Large holdings in Gols. and Wilts. Brother Ralph, had holdings in Glos., and was under-tenant in Somerset.

    Bernay, Ralph de - From Bernay, Eure. Sheriff of Herefordshire under Earl William FitzOsbern. Imprisoned by William I.

    Beuvriere, Drogo - A Flemming who came to England with William I. Holdings in six counties in East Anglia, Midlands and north.

    Bigot, Roger - Also called Roger the Sheriff. From Les Loges, Calvados. Daughter married Robert of Stafford. Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk in 1086. Ancestor of Bigot family, the earls of Norfolk. Large holdings in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

    Blunt, Robert - Also called Albus, Blancardus (white), Flavus (fair), Blundus (blonde). Holdings in Essex, Middx. and Suffolk.

    Bolbec, Hugh of - Heirs became Earls of Oxford. Holdings in Bucks., Berks., Hunts., and Oxon.

    Boulogne, Eustace, Count of - Son of Eustace, Count of Boulogne. Lands became Honour of Boulogne. Large holdings in Essex, also in eleven other counties.

    Braose, Wiliam de - From Braose, near Falaise. Lord of the Sussex rape of Bramber, with castle there. Holdings in five other Southern counties.

    Breteuil, Earl Roger de - Son of William FitzOsbern. Earl of Hereford, 1071-76, when he rebelled with Earl Ralph of East Anglia and his lands were forfeited.

    Brittany, Count Alan of - Married daughter of William I, Constance. Also called Earl of Richmond. Head of Bretons in England. Large holdings in Yorks., and also in twelve other counties.

    Bully, Roger de - Perhaps from Bully-en-Brai, Seine-Maritime. Desribed as 'famous in Domesday but nowhere else'. Founded priory at Blythe in 1088. Castle at Tikhill, Yorks. Holdings in six counties, mainly in the North but also in Devon.

    Burcy, Serlo de - Daughter married William de Falaise. Large holdings in Somerset, also in Dorset.

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    Canterbury, Lanfranc, Archbishop of - Norman archbishop, 1070-89. Won famous case against Odo of Bayeux at Penenden, 1072, for taking church lands. Holdings in Berks., Bucks., Kent and Suffolk. Abbey holdings in these and six other southern counties.

    Canterbury, Stigand, Archbishop of - Saxon archbishop of Canterbury from 1052-70, then deprived of lands. Died 1072.

    Chester, Hugh, Earl of - Also Earl of Avaranches. Also called Hugh Lupus (wolf) and Hugh the Fat. Nephew of William I, sister married Count William d'Eu; daughter, Matilda, married Count Robert of Mortain. Virtual sovereign of Cheshire. Captured Anglesea from the Welsh, 1098; became so fat he could barely crawl; died 1101. Holdings in 20 counties.

    Chester, Peter, Bishop of - Moved the diocese from Lichfield to Chester in 1075. Succeeded in 1085 by Robert de Limésy.

    Chester, Roger, Bishop of - Nominated 1085; moved see to Coventry 1102. Holdings in Herts. Church holdings in six other midland counties.

    Chocques, Gunfrid de - From Chocques, Pas-de-Calais. Holdings in Beds., Bucks., Leics., Lincs., Northants.

    Chocques, Sigar de - From Chocques, Pas-de-Calais. Holdings in Beds., Glos., Herts., Northants.

    Christiana - Princess of West Saxon house. Holdings in Oxon. and Warwicks.

    Clare, Gilbert de - Son of Richard; conquered lands in Wales to become Earl of Pembroke. Gilbert held Tonbridge Castle against Rufus in 1088 after William's death, but was reconciled later and also served Henry I. Died 1115.

    Clifford, Walter - Domesday commissioner.

    Courbépine, Ralph de - Holdings in Kent

    Courseulles, Roger de - Also called Roger Whiting. From Courselles-sur-Mer, Calvados. Large holdings in Somerset. Also in Dorset and Wilts.

    Coutances, Geoffrey, Bishop of - Also called Bishop of Lô. Bishop of Coutances from 1048; William I's trusted friend. A chief justice. Presided at Penenden, Kent, at case brought by Lanfranc against Odo of Bayeux; rebelled with Odo and others against William Rufus, 1088; died 1093. Church holdings in 13 southern and midland counties.

    Craon/Creon, Guy de - Large holdings in Lincolnshire. A member of the noble family of Anjou, one of the most illustrious of those who came into England with William the Conqueror.

    Crispin, Miles - Related to Gilbert Crispin, Abbot of Westminster. Married Maud, daughter of Roger d'Oilly. Castle at Wallingford. Lands became Honour of Wallingford. Holdings in Berks., Surrey and five other neighbouring counties.

    Curcy, William de - Married William I's daughter Emma.

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