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    Jocelyn le Breton - Holdings in Beds., Bucks., Gloucs.

    Judith, Countess - Niece of William I, daughter of his half-sister Adelaide and Lambert, Count of Lens. Widow of Earl Waltheof of Huntingdon and Northumbria, whom she betrayed. Holdings in 10 counties in Midlands and East Anglia.


    Kent, Leofwin, Earl of - Son of Countess Gytha and Earl Godwin, younger brother of King Harold. Earl of Kent and the home counties.

    Keynes, William of - Sheriff of Northamptonshire.


    Lacy, Roger de - Son of Walter de Lacy, succeeded him in 1085. Rebelled 1088 and 1094. Banished 1096; died 1106. Head of his fief at Woebley. Became Abbot of St. Peters, Glos. Holdings in Berks., Glos., Herefords., Shrops., Worcs.

    Lacy, Walter de - From Lassy, Calvados. Western lands made him an important defender against Welsh. Helped crush rebellion of Earl William FitzOsbern's son, Roger; died 1085. Succeeded by son Roger.

    Limesy, Ralph de - From Limésy, Seine-Maritime. King William's sister's son, probably brother of Roger de Limesy. Holdings in 10 counties in East, West and Midlands.

    Limesy, Roger de - Probably brother of Ralph de Limesy. See Chester.

    Lincoln, Remigius, Bishop of - Provided William I with ships for invasion of 1066; moved see from Dorchester, Oxon., to Lincoln between 1072 and 1086; Domesday commissioner. Holdings in Beds., Berks., Bucks., Lincs. Church holdings in five other counties.

    Lisieux, Gilbert, Bishop of - Bishop of Lisieux, Calvados, 1077-1101. William I's doctor. Holdings in Yorkshire. Church holdings in Dorset Herts., Gloucs., Oxon., Wilts.

    London, Maurice, Bishop of - Bishop of London, 1086-1107. Chancellor after Bishop Osmund of Salisbury. Holdings in Somerset. Church holdings in Dorset, Essex, Herts. and Middx.

    London, William, Bishop of - Bishop of London, 1051-75. Church holdings in Dorset, Essex, Herts., Middx.

    Lorraine, Albert de - A clerk or chaplain favoured by Edward the Confessor and William I. Holdings in Beds., Herefords., Rutland and Surrey.

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