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    Malet, Robert - From Gravelle-Ste-Honorine, Seine-Inf. Son of William Malet. King William's great chamberlain; stronghold in Suffolk; probably Sheriff of Suffolk. Holdings in 10 counties from Essex and Surrey to Yorks.

    Mandeville, Geoffrey de - Perhaps from Mandeville, Eure. Ancestor of Earls of Essex. Lord of Pleshey. Holdings in 11 home and midlands counties.

    Mantes, Count Drogo of - Married Edward the Confessor's sister, Countess Goda. Father of Ralph the Timid, Earl of Hereford.

    Marlborough, Alfred of - Lord of Ewyas Harold Castle, Herefordshire. Holdings in Devon, Hants., Herefords., Somerset, Surrey, Wilts.

    Matilda, Queen - Matilda of Flanders. William I's queen, died 1083. Holdings still listed as hers in Bucks., Corn., Gloucs.

    Mercia, Edwin, Earl of - Son of Earl Algar of East Anglia. Rebellious earl, killed by his own men, 1071.

    Mercia, Leofric, Earl of - Married to Countess Godiva. Grandfather of rebel earls Edwin and Morcar.

    Merleswein - Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

    Moeles, Baldwin of - Also called Baldwin of Exeter, Baldwin de Brion and Baldwin de Sap. From Meulles, Calvados. Son of Gilbert of Brion, brother of Richard FitzGilbert of Tonbridge. Sheriff of Devon. Castle at Okehampton. Custody of Castle of Exeter. Large holdings in Devon. Also in Dorset and Somerset.

    Mohun, William de - From Moyon, La Manche. Head of Fief at Dunster, where he founded the Priory, 1095. Holdings in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wilts.

    Montfort, Hugh de - Also called Hugh Beard. From Montfort-sur-Risle, Eure. Regent with Odo of Bayeux and Earl William FitzOsbern in 1067. Castle at Saltwood, with extensive Kent holdings to defend coast. Also holdings in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

    Montgomery, Roger de - See Roger, Earl of Shrewsbury.

    Mortagne, Matthew de - From Mortagne, La Manche. Holdings in Berk., Dorset, Essex, Gloucs., Somerset, Wilts.

    Mortain, Robert, Count of - Half-brother of William I, younger brother of Odo of Bayeux. Married Earl Hugh of Chester's daughter. Lord of the Sussex rape of Pevensey, with castle there. Virtual Earl of Cornwall; fief included Honour of Berkhamsted with castle there. Rebelled 1088; pardoned; died 1091. Largest landholder in the country after the King. Holdings in 19 counties.

    Mortimer, Ralph de - From Mortemer, Seine-Maritime. Son of Roger. Lord of Wigmore Castle. Received lands which had been Earl Roger of Hereford's after his rebellion, 1075. Lands in 13 counties all over the country.

    Musard, Hascoit - Named perhaps from muscardus, lazy or stupid. A Breton. Holdings in Berks., Bucks., Gloucs., Oxon. Warwicks.


    Nigel the Doctor - One of Willam I's doctors and perhaps also of Roger of Shrewsbury. Holdings in Hants., Herefords., Shrops. and Wilts.

    Northumbria, Aubrey, Earl of - Also called Aubrey of Coucy. Made Earl of Northumbria, 1080, but sent back in 1086 as incompetent. Holdings still listed as his in 7 counties from Bucks. to Yorks.

    Northumbria, Morcar, Earl of - Son of Earl Algar of East Anglia. Chosen Earl by Northumbrians in 1065 when they deposed Tosti, King Harold's brother. Rebelled with his brother Edwin in 1071. in prison in 1086.

    Northumbria, Tosti, Earl of - Brother of King Harold. Became Earl, 1055, deposed 1065 in favour of Morcar. Killed at Stamford Bridge in September 1066.

    Noyers, William de - Probably from Noyers, Calvados. Had charge of many Norfolk and Suffolk manors for the king which had been Archbishop Stigand's.

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    Oilly, Robert d' - Probably from Ouilly-de-Gasset, near Falaise. Probably married daughter of Wigot of Wallingford; daughter married Miles Crispin. Sworn brother-in-arms of Roger d'Ivry; held some estates jointly with him. Sheriff of Warwickshire in 1080s; also of Oxon. and perhaps of Berks.; Constable of Oxford Castle. Lands, with those of Miles Crispin became Honour of Wallingford. Holdings in 8 Midland and Home counties.

    Otto the Goldsmith - Maker of William I's ornate tomb at Caen. His descendants were engravers for the king's mint. Holdings in Essex.

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