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    Pagnell, Ralph - Sheriff of Yorkshire. Holdings in five other counties.

    Percy, William de - Holdings in Hunts., Lincs., Notts., Yorks.

    Peverel, Ranulf - Married former mistress of William I. Holdings in Berks., Norfolk, Oxon. and Suffolk.

    Peverel, William - Perhaps illegitimate son of William I by his mistress; took name of Peverel from stepfather who married her. Large holdings in Notts. and Derby. Also in 6 other counties.

    Picot of Cambridge - Sheriff of Cambridgeshire; described as 'a roving wolf, a crafty fox, a greedy hog, a shameless dog, who feared not God'. Holdings in Cambs.

    Poitou, Roger de - Third son of Roger Montgomery. In 1086 already had his holdings confiscated, perhaps for supporting William I's son, Robert of Normandy; later got most of them back. Holdings in Essex, Lincs., Suffolk and Yorks. shown as his; in Norfolk as once his; in Derbys., Lancs. and Notts. as in the king's hands.

    Port, Hugh de - From Port-en-Bessin, near Bayeux. Sheriff of Hampshire, 1070-96 and of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, 1081-87; vassal of Odo of Bayeux; founded Sherbourne Priory. Large holdings in Hants. Also in Berks., Cambs., and Dorset.


    Ranulf, brother of Ilger - Holdings in 8 Home and East Anglian counties.

    Reinbald the priest - Also called Rainbald the Chancellor and Reinbald of Chichester. Appointed first chancellor of England by Edward the Confessor in 1042. Holdings in Bucks. and probably several other counties.

    Ribald - Brother of Count Alan of Brittany, probably an illegitimate son of Count Eudo.

    Rhuddlan, Robert - Cousin and lieutenant of Count Hugh of Chester. Extended his territory into Wales.

    Robert the Bursar - Brother of Urso d'Abetot, who was Sheriff of Worcestershire; castle at Tamworth, Staffs. Holdings in Glos., Leics., Lincs., Warwicks.

    Robert, son of Fafiton - Holdings in Beds., Cambs., Hunts., Middx.

    Robert, son of Gerald - Holdings in Berks., Dorset, Hants., Somerset and Wilts.

    Rochester, Gundulf, Bishop of - Church holdings in Kent and 16 other southern and midland counties.

    Ryes, Hubert de - Father of Adam de Ryes and of Eudo the Steward. William I's ambassador to Edward the Confessor; persuaded the king to appoint William as his successor to English throne.

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