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    Donkey, Hugh - Probably served under Earl William FitzOsbern defending West against the Welsh. Lands later formed the Honour of Snodhill. Holdings in Gloucs., Herefords., Shrops., Wilts., Worcs.

    Douai, Walter de - Also called Walscin, a nick-name. From Douai, Nord. Holdings in Devon, Essex, Somerset, Surrey, Wilts.

    Durham, William, Bishop of - Bishop of Durham, 1082-96. Chief justice and Domesday commissioner, driven from see by William Rufus. Abbey holdings in 9 counties from Yorks. to Beds.

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    East Anglia, Algar, Earl of - Also Earl of Mercia, 1057-62. Son of Countess Godiva and Earl Leofric. Married Countess Aelfeva. Father of rebel earls Edwin and Morcar. Earl of East Anglia, 1051-52 and 1053-57; outlawed 1055 and 1058, but pardoned each time.

    East Anglia, Ralph, Earl of - Also called Ralph Waher and Ralph de Guarder. Born in England, son of Ralph the Staller, Earl of Hereford, and Agatha. First Earl of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. Responsible for beginning work on Norwich castle, which involved destroying many houses and 2 churches. Rebelled with Earl Roger of Breteuil and Hereford 1075 over the king's refusal to sanction his marriage to Roger's sister; subsequently his title and land were taken from him and the castle was taken over by the Crown. Domesday records his lost land as 'forfeited'. Ralph took refuge in Brittany with his wife, Emma, daughter of Earl William FitzOsbern; had three children, Amicia de Waher, Ralph de Gael de Montford and William de Breteuil. Died with his wife while travelling on the first Crusade.

    Edeva the fair - Possibly King Harold's mistress or sometimes identified with his first wife, Edith Swanneck.

    Edith, Queen - Daughter of Earl Godwin. Edward the Confessor's queen (died 1075). She rebuilt Wilton Abbey church for the Benedictine nuns.

    Edric - Sheriff of Wiltshire before Edward of Salisbury.

    Edward, King - King Edward the Confessor, June 1042-Jan 1066.

    Essex, Swein of - Son of Robert FitzWymarc. Probably once Sheriff of Essex; Castle at Raleigh; greatest sheepmaster in Essex. Holdings in Essex and Hunts.

    Eu, William d', Count of Eu - From Eu, port of Seine-Maritime. Second son of Count Robert. Second wife, Hugh of Chester's sister. Lord of Sussex rape of Hastings. Rebelled 1088 and 1094; blinded, castrated and executed, 1096. Holdings in 9 southern and western counties.

    Eudo, Count - Father of Count Alan of Brittany.

    Eustace - Sheriff of Hunts. Holdings in Hunts.

    Evreux, William, Count of - Married to daughter of Walter de Lacy. Fought with his father, Richard, at Hastings. Holdings in Berks., Hants. and Oxon.

    Exeter, Osbern, Bishop of - Brother of Earl William FitzOsbern. Before the conquest a Norman chaplain of Edward the Confessor. Favourite and chaplain of William I. Bishop of Exeter 1072-1103. Holdings in 6 southern counties. Church holdings in three more.

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    Fafiton, Robert - Holdings in Beds., Cambs., Hunts., Middx.

    Falaise, William de - From Falaise, Calvados, William the Conqueror's home town. Married daughter of Serlo de Burcy. Holdings in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts.

    Ferrers, Henry de - From Ferriers-St. Hilaire, Eure. Lord of Longueville, Normandy; castle at Tutbury, Staffs.; Domesday commissioner. Ancestor of earls of Derby. Large holdings in Derby. Also in 14 other counties.

    FitzAnsculf, William - Also called William of Pinkeni. From Picquigny, Somme. Son of Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. Castle at Dudley, Worcs. Holdings in 12 midland and western counties.

    FitzAzor, Henry - Holdings in Beds.

    FitzAzor, Jocelyn - Large holdings in Isle of Wight.

    FitzAzor, William - Large holdings in Isle of Wight. Probably brother of Jocelyn.

    FitzBaderon, William - Lord of Monmouth. Holdings in Hants., Herefords., Gloucs.

    FitzBaldric, Hugh - Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Holdings in Berks., Hants., Lincoln., Notts., Wilts., Yorks.

    FitzBohun, Humphrey - From Bohun, La Manche. Ancestor of earls of Hereford. Holdings in Norfolk.

    FitzCorbucion, William - Became Sheriff of Warwickshire soon after 1086. Holdings in Berks., Staffs., Warwicks., Worcs.

    FitzHubert, Eudo - Also called Eudo the Steward. Youngest of four sons of Hubert of Ryes; married daughter of Richard FitzGilbert of Tonbridge; sister married Peter de Valognes. William I's steward, succeeding William FitzOsbern. Founded Abbey of St. John's at Colchester. Castle at Préaux in Normandy. Died 1120. Large holdings in Cambridgeshire, also in Beds., Essex, Herts., Norfolk.

    FitzHubert, Ralph - Holdings in Derbys., Leics., Lincoln., Notts., Staffs.

    FitzNigel, William - Constable of Earl Hugh of Chester. Ancestor of Lacy earls of Lincoln.

    FitzOsbern, Earl William - Also Earl of Hereford. Son of Osbern Sieward of Normandy; brother of Osbern, Bishop of Exeter. Married Adeline, sister of Ralph de Tosny. Large estates in west and Isle of Wight, broken up when his son, Roger, rebelled. Regent, with Odo of Bayeux, 1067.

    FitzPoyntz, Drogo - Son of William of Poyntz. Holdings in Gloucs., Herefords., Wilts., Worcs. Also 73 holdings in Devon as under-tenant of Bishop of Coutances.

    FitzRalph, Harold - Son of Earl Ralph the Timid. In 1086 held castle of Ewyas Harold in Worcs., named after him. Holdings in Glos., Warwicks., Worcs.

    FitzRolf, Thurstan - Perhaps standard bearer at Hastings. Holdings in 8 southern and western counties.

    FitzStur, William - From Tourville, near Cherbourg. Holdings in Hants. and Isle of Wight.

    FitzThorold, Gilbert - Follower of Earl William FitzOsbern, said to have collected gold for the king. Holdings in Cambridge., Essex, Gloucs., Herefords., Somerset and Warwicks.

    FitzWymark, Robert - Sheriff of Essex, succeeded by his son, Swein of Essex.

    Flambard, Ranulf - One time Chief Justice. Bishop of Durham 1099-1128. Imprisoned by Henry I. Holdings in Hants. and Oxon.

    Flanders, Walter of - Perhaps the same as Walter Bec. Large holdings in Beds. Also in Bucks., Herts., Northants.

    Fougères, Ralph de - Holdings in Bucks., Devon, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey.

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