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  • Domesday     Bedfordshire
  • Bedfordshire A-H

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    Ammetelle: Nigel de la Vast from Nigel d'Aubigny.
    Small Georgian town. Ampthill Park is now a Cheshire Home.

  • Ampthill local history site

    Alricesei: Bishop of Durham; Bernard from William d'Eu; Herfast from Nigel d'Aubigny; Wulfsi. 3 mills.
    Large, straggling; brickworks.

    Aspley Guise
    Aspeleai: Acard d'Ivry from Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill.
    18th century Guise House was a boy's school.

    Estuuiche: Bernard, Weneling and Ledmer from Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh from Walter of Flanders. 2 mills.

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    Bertone: St Benedict's of Ramsey before and after 1066.

    Bereuuorde: Baldric from Robert de Tosny.

    Badelesdone / tone: Richard Talbot from Walter Giffard; Robert from William the Chamberlain; Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife.
    Only Battlesden Park remains of a large house demolished in 1885.

    Bedeford: Bishop of Lincoln. Church.
    Prosperous county town. John Bunyan was imprisoned here for 12 years. On the site of the Norman castle. Cecil Higgins Art Gallery.

  • Bedford local site
  • Beeston
    Bistone: Roland, Norman and Pirot from Eudo FitzHubert; William Speke; Thurstan the Chamberlain; Godmund; Alwin from the King. Mill.

    Bideham: Ernwin the priest from Bishop of Lincoln; Ordwy of Bedford from St. Edmunds; St. Pauls of Bedford; Serlo de Rots from Hugh de Beauchamp; Ralph and Serlo de Rots from William Speke; Burgesses of Bedford; Oscar of Bedford; Godwin; Ordwy; Wulfmer. 2 mills.
    Outskirts of Bedford. A gallows stood at Gallows Corner until 1802.

  • Biddenham local history site

    Bichelesuuade: Ralph de l'Isle. 2 mills.
    Town which has had a market since 1227. Once an important coaching stop.

    Bissopescote: King's land.
    Part of Luton.

    Bach / Blecheshou: Osbert de Breuil from Hugh de Beauchamp; Osbern from Countess Judith. Mill.

    Blunham: St. Edmund's; Dominic from Eudo FitzHubert; St. Edmunds from Countess Judith. Mill.
    On the Ivel; Blunham Mill House; South Mills, fertilizer works. The poet John Donne spent summers here.

  • Blunham local history site

    Bolehestre: Tovi the priest and 2 freemen from Bishop of Bayeux; Bishop of Coutances; St. Mary's of Thorney; Hugh from Countess Judith.
    Scattered; timber-framed farmhouses.

    Brime / Bruneham: Arnulf de Ardres from Count Eustace; Serlo de Rots from Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh from Countess Judith; Osgeat from the king. 2 mills (225 eels).
    Large; mill; 16th century Bromham House. The medieval bridge with 26 arches is the county's longest. Bromham Hall is 16th century.

    Brume: Nigel de la Vast from Nigel d'Aubigny.

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    Cadendone: St. Paul's of London.
    Straw plaiting was done here.

    Cainou: Nigel d'Aubigny; Thurstan from Avelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife. Mill.
    Medieval Cainhoe Manor Farm; remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle.

    Chambeltone: Ralph de Lanquetot from Walter Giffard; Fulbert from William d'Eu; Thurstan.

  • Campton local history site

    Chernetone: Hugh de Beauchamp: Hugh from Countess Judith. Mill.
    Cottages, owned by the Whitbread brewing family in the 18th century. The ill-fated R101 airship was built here.

  • Cardington local history site

    Carlehtone: Herbert FitzIvo from Bishop of Bayeux; Ketel and Bernard from Nigel d'Aubigny; Osbern Fisher and Ketelbert from the king. Mill.
    Saxon church.

    Celgrave: Arnulf de Hesdin; Albert de Lorraine.
    Chalgrave Manor.

    Cerlentone: Adelaide; Hugh de Grandmesnil's wife. Mill.

    Clane / Chauelstorne: Eudo FitzHubert; Rhiwallon from Hugh de Beauchamp; William FitzRainward and William Gross from William Speke. Mill.
    Market gardens.

    Chichesana: William de Cairon from Bishop of Lincoln; 3 freemen and Walter from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife (it is of her dowry). Mill.
    US airforce base; medieval Chicksands Priory.

  • Chicksands local history site

    Clopeham: Miles Crispin; claimed by Ramsey Abbey, which used it for supplies before 1066. Mill.
    Large; 85ft high Saxon tower; new housing.

    Cliftone: William de Cairon from Bishop of Lincoln, Eudo FitzHubert and Nigel d'Aubigny; Leofwin from St. Benedict's of Ramsey; Alwin from Countess Judith. 2 mills.
    New housing estates.

    Clopelle: Nigel d'Aubigny.
    Large; new housing.

    Cockayne Hatley
    Hatelai: Countess Judith; Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife. Mill.

    Colmeborde-worde / Culmeuuorde: Wimund from Hugh de Beauchamp.
    It was so poor in the 17th century that there were houses without even a hearth.

    Cochepol: Robert, Reginald, Gunfrid, Norman, Branting, Robert, Roger the priest and Liboret from Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh from Countess Judith.

    Cranfelle: St. Benedict's of Ramsey.
    Large, scattered; Cranfield Institute of Technology. The country's first concrete runway was laid at Cranfield Airfield.

  • Cranfield local history site
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    Dene: Bishop of Coutances; Godfrey from Bishop of Lincoln; William de Warenne; 11 freemen and Godwy Dear of Bedford, all before and after 1066.
    Now 2 small villages, Upper and Lower Dean.

  • Dean local history site

    Dani / Donitone: Ralph de Lanquetot from Walter Giffard; Richard Poynant.

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    Estone: 4 freemen from Bishop of Coutances; William de Cairon from Bishop of Lincoln; William de Warenne and Theodoric from him; Wimund from Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh Butler; Sigar de Chocques; Osbern FitzRichard.

    Eaton Bray
    Eitone: Bishop of Bayeux.
    Large, pretty; timber-framed buildings.

  • Eaton Bray local history site

    Eaton Socon
    Etone: Eudo FitzHubert. 20 hides; 16 ploughs. In lordship 7 hides; 4 ploughs. 38 villagers with 12 ploughs. 7 smallholders, 8 slaves, 2 Freemen. 2 mills, 36s 6d; 100 eels; meadow for 12 ploughs; woodland, 400 pigs; vineyard. Total value 15; when acquired 8; TRE 10. Wulfmer, a thane of Edward's, held this manor. 2 Freemen who could sell and grant their land.
    One of only 55 settlements in the Domesday Book with a vineyard. At the Conquest
    Eudo FitzHubert took over the manor from Wulfmar. After his death in 1120 the land passed to the Crown. Hugh de Beauchamp bought the manor for 23 1s 3d and improved its pre-Conquest castle.

    Edeuuorde: 2 men-at-arms from William d'Eu; Alwin the king's reeve.

    Elnestov: nuns of St. Mary's from Countess Judith. 3 hides. Land for 7 ploughs; in lordship 2. 14 villagers with 5 ploughs. 11 smallholders, 4 slaves. 1 mill, 24s; meadow for 4 ploughs; woodland, 60 pigs. Total value 100s; when acquired 40s; TRE 10.
    William the Conqueror granted Elstow to his niece,
    Countess Judith, who founded a nunnery in 1075. The abbess and nuns held Elstow until the Dissolution. Birthplace of John Bunyan.


    Evreshot: Ansgot of Rochester from Bishop of Bayeux; Ralph from Hugh de Beauchamp; Herbert, the king's reeve.
    Scattered. Tyrells End is a 15th century timber-framed house.

  • Eversholt local history site

    Evretone: Ranulf d'Ilger from Countess Judith.
    2 manor houses.

    Aieuuorde: William Speke; Brodo from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife. Mill.

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    Farnedis: William; Henry Fitz Azor; William Peverel.

    Falmeresham: Gilbert FitzSolomon; Gilbert from Countess Judith. Mill.
    Stone tithe barn.

  • Felmersham local history site

    Flictha: Robert Fafiton.
    Owned by the same family - the Greys - for 700 years; their mausoleum is in the churchyard.

    Flicteuuiche: William Lovett. Mill.
    Small town; mill on the River Flitt.

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    Goldentone: Ivo Tailbois from Bishop of Lincoln; Roger FitzTheodoric, Richard and Walter from Hugh de Beauchamp; Alric Wintermilk from the king.
    Part of Bedford.

    Goldington Highfields

    Crauenhest: William from Hugh de Beauchamp.
    Now 2 small villages, Upper and Lower Gravenhurst.

    Great Barford
    Bereford: Rhiwallon, Wimund of Tessel, Ansketel the priest and Theobald from Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill (80 eels).
    Large; on the River Ouse; 17 arch, 15th century bridge.

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    Herlingdone: Nigel d'Aubigny. Packload of oats from woodland.
    Large; on the Bedford-Luton railway line.

    Hareuuelle: Gilbert de Blosseville from Countess Judith. Mill (200 eels).
    On the Great Ouse river; 14th century 11 arch bridge; 18th century market house; circular prison (1824).

  • Harrold local history site

    Herghetone: Ernwin the priest; Nigel d'Aubigny; Canons of Bedford from Countess Judith.
    Adjoins Bedford.

    Hagenes: Hugh de Beauchamp.
    Now Haynes Park (a school) and Haynes Church End, about a mile from the main village.

    Haneslau(ue): Herfast from Nigel d'Aubigny; Hugh from Walter of Flanders; Widder and Bernard from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife; (Hugh de Beauchamp claims from her, stating it was never her dowry); Alric. 2 mills.
    Large; RAF station and airfield; Queen Anne grange; disused mill.

    Higham Gobion
    Echam: William de Loucelles from Hugh de Beauchamp.
    Part Tudor manor house.

    Haneuuich(e): Thurstan from Bishop of Coutances; Walter from William Speke; Hugh of Flanders; Gunfrid de Chocques and Theobald from him; Thurstan the Chamberlain; Edward.
    Tudor Hinwick Hall; 18th century Hinwick house.

    Hocheleia: Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife.
    On the Roman Watling Street. Georgian Hockliffe House incorporates part of a 13th century hospital. The manor house is partly 18th century.

    Holecote: Ralph Passwater from William Speke. Mill.

    Holme: Wulfric from William d'Eu; Mordwing from Hugh de Beauchamp; Fulchere de Paris from Nigel d'Aubigny; Walter of Flanders, Ralph de l'Isle, Fulchere and 2 men from Countess Judith; Alwin, the king's reeve.
    A few houses, part of Biggleswade.

    Houghton Conquest
    Houstone: Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh from Countess Judith; Arnold from Adelaide, Hugh de Grandmesnil's wife.
    Houghton House, now a ruin.

    Houghton Regis
    Houstone: King's land with William the Chamberlain holding the church. Wheat, honey.
    A London overspill area; Iron Age earthwork at Maiden Bower; church with a Norman font.

    Husborne Crawley
    Crauelai: Thorgils from Nigel d'Aubigny; William Lovett. 2 mills.
    Manor House.

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