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  • Domesday     Bedfordshire
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    Cameston(e): Countess Judith. Mill.
    Bedford suburb. Site of Anglo-Saxon and Roman excavations. An old mill stands on the river.

    Canesworde: St. Paul's of London.

    C(h)aisot: Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh Hubald from Osbern FitzRichard; William de Warenne; Alwin, the king's thane, the pre-Conquest holder.
    Now 2 small villages, Keysoe and Keysoe Row.

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    Chenotinga: Bishop of Coutances.

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    Langeford: Walter of Flanders. 2 mills.
    Large; new housing; mill on the river.

    Leighton Buzzard
    Lestone: King's land with Bishop of Lincoln holding the church. 2 mills, market. Wheat, honey.
    Market town; 15th century market cross.

    Litinclitone: Abbess of Barking.

  • Lidlington local history site

    Little Barford
    Bereforde: Eudo FitzHubert from St. Benedict's of Ramsey and Osbern from him; Osbern FitzWalter. Mill.

    Lintone / Loitone: King's land with William the Chamberlain holding the church. 6 mills, market, church. Wheat, honey.
    Large industrial town with an airport; site of Iron Age, Roman and Saxon settlements. Luton Hoo is a vast Adam mansion with gardens by Capability Brown.

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    Marston Mortaine
    Mer(e)stone: Hugh de Bolbec from Walter Giffard; Herfast from Nigel d'Aubigny.
    Several Tudor half-timbered houses; brickmaking centre since the 16th century.

    Meldone: Hugh de Bolbec from Walter Giffard; Hugh de Beauchamp; Nigel d'Aubigny; Countess Judith and the nuns of Elstow from her; a reeve of the king. Mill.

    Melceburne: Bishop of Coutances.
    17th century manor house; thatched cottages.

  • Melchbourne local history site

    Malpertesselle / Maperteshale: Gilbert FitzSolomon
    . Market gardening. A 17th century timber-framed manor house is built on the site of a Norman castle owned by William de Meppershall, the royal larderer.

    Melebroc: Nigel de Le Vast from Nigel d'Aubigny. 2 mills.

  • Millbrook local history site

    Melehou: Bishop of Durham; Ralph from Walter Giffard; William d'Eu.

    Milton Bryan
    Middletone / Mildentone: Ansgot from Bishop of Bayeux; William Froissart from Hugh de Beauchamp.
    17th century manor house.

    Milton Ernest
    Middletone / Mildentone: Miles Crispin and William Basset from Hugh de Beauchamp; Thorgils from Nigel d'Aubigny; Reginald from Walter of Flanders; Ivo, Hugh de Grandmesnil's steward from Adelaide, Hugh de Grandmesnil's wife; a beadle from the king. Mill.
    Victorian manor house.

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    Nares Gladley
    Gledelai: Jocelyn le Breton. Mill.
    Part of Leighton Buzzard.

    Nortigble / Nortgiue(le): Pirot and Ralph from Eudo FitzHubert; Walter from Hugh de Beauchamp; William Speke. 1 mills.

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    Achelei(a): 2 men-at-arms from Robert de Tosny; Miles Crispin from Coutess Judith. Mill.
    Large. Rush mats were made here.

  • Oakley local history site

    Wad(eh)elle: Arnulf d'Ardres from Count Eustace; Walter of Flanders. Mill (200 eels).
    On the River Ouse. An old mill is now a house.

  • Odell local history site

    Old Warden
    Wardone: William Speke; Ralph de l'Isle; Walter the monk from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife (of her marriage portion). Mill.
    Aircraft museum founded by the Shuttleworth family. A 1st century bronze mirror and medieval floor tiles were unearthed here.

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    Pabeneham: Arnulf d'Ardres from Count Eustace; Robert FitzNigel from Ranulf, brother of Ilger; Thurstan the Chamberlain. Mill.
    Pretty; stone houses. Once the centre of the rush-mat making industry.

    Pechesdone: St. Benedict's of Ramsey. 2 mills.

    Partenhale: William from Bishop of Lincoln.
    Jacobean manor house.

  • Pertenhall local history site

    Podintone / Potintone: Hugh from Walter of Flanders; Hugh of Flanders; William Peverel.

    Polehangre: Martell from Robert d'Oilly.

    Potesgrava / grave: William the Chamberlain; Jocelyn le Breton; a groom of the king; Herbert, the king's reeve.

    Potone: Countess Judith and Hugh from her. Mill.
    Small market town.

    Prestelei: Thorgils from Nigel d'Aubigny; a reeve of the king.
    A few scattered farms.

    Polochessele: Roger and Rhiwallon from Nigel d'Aubigny.
    Fast-growing. Site of an 18th century gold mine.

    Putenehou: Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill.
    Part of Bedford.

  • Putnoe local history site
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    Radeuuelle: Nigel de Le Vast from Nigel d'Aubigny; Hugh from Countess Judith. Mill.

    Riselai: 2 Frenchmen and 6 Englishmen from Bishop of Coutances; Godfrey from Bishop of Lincoln; Hugh de Beauchamp and Alric from him. Hugh Hubald from Osbern FitzRichard; David d'Argenton.
    Straggling; one of the county's first brickmaking centres.

    Rochesdone / stone: Rhiwallon from Hugh de Beauchamp; William Speke. Mill (260 eels).
    The countryman's linen smock was initiated here in 1714.

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    Saleford: Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill.

    Salchou: Hugh de Beauchamp.

    Sandeia: Eudo FitzHubert. 2 mills.
    Small town. Sandy Lodge is the headquarters of the RSPB.

  • Sandy local history site

    Segenehou: Walter brother of Sihere.
    Segenhoe manor farm.

    Sewelle: King's land.

    Sernebroc / Serneburg: Bishop of Coutances and Thorgils, 7 freemen and Humphrey from him; Robert FitzRozelin from Count Eustace; Osbert de Breuil from Hugh de Beauchamp; Robert from Hugh of Flanders; Osbern Fisher; Albert de Lorraine; Hugh from Countess Judith; Aelmer. 2 mill, fishpond.
    Large. Tofte House is part 1613; Sharnbrook House is 18th century. The old windmill has been converted into a clock tower.

  • Sharnbrook local history site

    Shelton (Marston Moretaine)
    Es(s)eltone: Herfast and Stephen from Nigel d'Aubigny; Albert de Lorraine; Adelaide, Hugh de Grandmesnil's wife.
    Now 2 small villages, Upper and Lower Shelton.

    Shelton (nr Swineshead)
    Eseltone: 2 freemen from Bishop of Coutances.
    The site of Shelton Hall dates from medieval times.

    Sethlindone: St. Benedict's of Ramsey. Broken mill.
    Hilltop, Danish earthworks nearby, half-timbered houses.


    Sewilessou / Siuuilessou: A concubine of Nigel d'Aubigny; Hugh from Walter brother of Sihere. Mill.
    Wrest House in Wrest Park.

    Sudgible / uele: William de Cairon from Eudo FitzHubert; Hugh de Beauchamp; 2 Frenchmen from William Speke; Walter of Flanders and Alric from him; Richard Poynant; Hugh from Coutess Judith. 200 eels.
    Its great house belonged to the Byng family (Admirals Sir George and John), the to Samuel Whitbread.

    Stachesdene: Herbert FitzIvo from Bishop of Bayeux; Godwy from Count Eustace; Hugh de Beauchamp; Hugh from Countess Judith.
    Bird gardens.

    Stanford(e): William de Cairon and 7 freemen from Eudo FitzHubert; Hugh de Beauchamp and Roger from him; Hugh from William Speke; Roger from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife (of her marriage portion); Alric and Ordwy from the king. 2 mills.

    Stepigelai: William FitzReginald from William Speke.

    Stiuentone: Arnulf from Count Eustace.
    Complete 18th century postmill.

    Standone: St. Benedict's of Ramsey; Engelhere from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife.
    Now 2 hamlets, Upper and Lower Stondon.

    Stodfald / Stotfalt: Hugh de Beauchamp. 4 mills (400 eels).
    Disused mill on the Ivel.

    Stratone: Fulchere de Paris from Walter Giffard; Walter of Flanders; Ralph de l'Isle; Fulchere de Paris from Countess Judith.
    Part of Biggleswade.

    Stradl(e)i / Straillei: Walter from William d'Eu; William de Loucelles from Hugh de Beauchamp; Pirot from Nigel d'Aubigny; Hugh from William Speke; the reeve of the Hundred.
    Georgian Streatley House.

    Estodham: Baldric from Robert de Tosny.
    Straw plaiting was made here.

    Subberie: Richard FitzGilbert.
    Part of St. Neots.

    Sonedone: William d'Eu.
    Now Upper Sundon (site of cement works), Sundon Park (part of Luton) and Lower Sundon, a hamlet.

    Sudrone: Alwin from Eudo FitzHubert; Thorkell, Alwin, Leofgar, Robert, Sweeting and Robert, Thorbert, Godwin and Edric from Countess Judith; Alwin, the king's reeve.
    Medieval packhorse bridge; ford.

    Suineshefet: Eustace from William de Warenne; Ralph from Eustace the Sheriff.

  • Swineshead local history site
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    Tamiseforde: William de Cairon from Bishop of Lincoln; Eudo FitzHubert and William de Cairon from him; Robert from Richard Poynant; Alwin, the king's reeve. 2 mills.
    Mill, now a sawmill.

    Lalega: Leofric from Miles Crispin; Leofgeat from Hugh de Beauchamp; Robert d'Oilly; Richard Basset and Solomon the priest from him; Hugh and Reginald from Walter of Flanders.

    Pileworde: Ambrose from William Peverel.
    15th century gatehouse.

    Tingrei: Thorgils from Nigel d'Aubigny.

    Dodintone / Totingetone: Arnulf de Hesdin.
    Large. Henrietta Wentworth, mistress of the Duke of Monmouth, lived here in the 17th century.

    Totenhou: Osbert from Walter of Flanders; William the Chamberlain. 4 mills.
    Large; site of a Roman villa. Doo Little Mill is now a house.

    Tornai: Bishop of Coutances holds 4 hides. 6 ploughs. In lordship 2 hides; 3 ploughs. 3 villagers with 3 ploughs, 8 smallholders, 1 slave. Mill, 20s; meadow for 2 ploughs; woodland, 40 pigs. Total value 6; when acquired 40s; TRE 6. 3 Freemen, held this manor; they could sell and grant. Held by the Bishop in exchange for Bleadon. Ernulf d'Ardres, Warner, Nigel de la Vast hold 1 hide each; 2 knights, 2 hides from Robert de Tosny; Alwine the priest, a third of a half hide from the King.
    Held by Alneto family after 1066. In the 13th century two heiresses married into the Morduant and d'Ardres families, giving the manors of Morduant and Ardres their names. These were merged into Morduant Manor in the 1300s. Tornai stayed in their family until 1786 when it was lost through allegiance to royalty.

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    Wescote: Nigel d'Aubigny; Ordwy, the king's reeve.
    Part of Wilstead.

    Westone: King's land, formerly Earl Harold.
    New housing.

    Wildene: Herbert from Bishop of Bayeux and his nephew Hugh from him.

    Wel(i)tone: Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill.
    2 Tudor buildings: a dovecote with 1400 openings; a stable.

    Wescota: Countess Judith and the nuns of Elstow from her.
    Growing; manor house now an hotel.

    Woberne / burne: Walter Giffard; Herbert, the king's reeve.
    Mainly 18th century houses. The park of Woburn Abbey, home of the dukes of Bedford since the 17th century, is now a wildlife safari park.

  • Woburn local history site

    Otone: Albert de Lorraine.
    Once a brickmaking centre. Church bells were also made here.

    Wiboldestone / tune: Eudo FitzHubert from St. Benedict's of Ramsey; Eudo FitzHubert; Wimund from Hugh de Beauchamp; Pirot from Nigel d'Aubigny; monks of St. Neot's from Richard FitzGilbert; Iudichael from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois' wife.
    Market gardening.

    Wimentone: Walter from William Speke; Glew from Alfred of Lincoln; Osbert from Walter of Flanders; 5 brothers with their mother and Thorkell from the king.
    Bronze Age axes were found here. A smockmill stood until the 20th century.

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    Giveldene: Geoffrey de Trelly from Bishop of Coutances.
    Site of a Norman motte and bailey castle; the mound remains.

  • Yelden local history site

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