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    The Domesday Book, 1086

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    Cadbury (near Thorverton)
    Cadebirie / Cadabiria: William de Poilley. Cob.
    Cadbury Castle, an Iron Age fort where Roman coins have been found.

    Cadelie / lia: William Cheever; William the king's servant. Mill. 130 sheep.

    Caffyns Heanton
    Hantone / tona: Ralph de Pomeroy. 13 cattle, 20 goats.
    Caffyns Heanton Farm near Caffyns Heanton Down.

    Calodelie / leia: Godric from the king.

    Leige / Leiga: Walter de Claville.
    Canonsleigh Farm with the ruins of a 12th century priory.

    Teigne / Teigna: Geoffrey de Trelly from Bishop of Coutances. Cob.
    Canonteign Barton; Canonteign House.

    Cage- / Chageford / Cage- / Kagefort: Bishop of Coutances; Ralph Pagnell.
    Old stannary town for assessing and stamping tin. On the edge of Dartmoor and surrounded by prehistoric hut circles and standing stones.

    Celdecome / comba: Bishop of Coutances. 11 cattle, 19 goats.
    On the edge of Exmoor, with Chapman Barrows, grave mounds with a standing stone.

    Lege / Lega: William de Poilley. 110 sheep.

    Cerdestoche: Sherborne Church.
    Chardstock Court, dating from the 14th century.

    Chereford(a): Buckfast Church.
    Charford Manor, now a hotel.

    Carmes: Robert from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Richard Blackmore wrote much of Lorna Doone here.

    Cheletone / tona: Iudhael of Totnes. 2 cobs.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Charleton.

    Calvelie / leia: Baldwin the Sheriff. 20 cattle, 200 sheep.

    Cadel / Cheledone / Cha(d)eledona: Walter from Baldwin the Sheriff; Ansger, formerly Mathilda.

    Cheriton (in Brendon)
    Ciretone / tona: Ralph de Pomeroy. 27 cattle.
    Some houses.

    Cheriton (in Payhembury)
    Cherletone / tona: Bretel from Count of Mortain.
    Now 2 hamlets, Lower and Higher Cheriton.

    Cheriton Bishop
    Ceritone / tona: Godwin from the king.
    Church with a Norman font shaped like a sheaf of corn.

    Cheriton Fitzpaine
    Cerintone / tona: Theobald FitzBerner.
    Thatched Tudor and Georgian cottages; 16th century almshouses.

    Chetelscome / Chettelescoma: Ansger from Baldwin the Sheriff. Mill.
    Some houses.

    Chenetorne / Chevetorna / Chiveorne / -orna: Rogo from Baldwin the Sheriff; Beatrix from Ralph de Pomeroy. 15 cattle.
    Elizabethan Chevithorne Barton nearby.

    Cicecote / cota: Roger from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Some houses.

    Cedelintone / tona: King's land. 157 sheep.
    Mill Farm.

    Chelesworde / sorda: Colwin from the king. 15 cattle.

    Chilton (in Cheriton Fitzpaine)
    Cilletone / -tona / Cillitone: Odo FitzGamelin. Cob.
    Some houses.

    Chiderlie / Chederlia: Alfred from Count of Mortain.
    On the River Exe.

    Chichelesberie / beria: William from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Tiny; Chittleburn Wood.

    Curem'tone / Citremetona: Godwin from the king.
    Church, named after St. Heiritha, a Celtic martyr.

    Cheveletone / tona: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Chudleigh Knighton
    Chenistetone / tona: Roger from Bishop of Exeter. Cob.

    Calmonleuge / Chalmonleuga: Baldwin the Sheriff. 60 cattle, 400 sheep.
    Small town, mainly Georgian. Colleton Barton nearby has the gatehouse and chapel from the medieval house.

    Cercelle / Cercilla: Norman from William de Falaise. 100 sheep.
    Some houses.

    Churston Ferrers
    Cerecetone / Cercitona: Iudhael of Totnes. Cob, 120 sheep.
    On the outskirts of Brixham. Churston Court is 17th century with a walled garden.

    Cloenesberg(a): Ralph de Pomeroy from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Clannaborough Barton; tiny church.

    Clavetone / tona: Iudhael of Totnes. 47 cattle, 200 sheep.
    Church with a Norman font with cable decoration and carved heads.

    Clehangre / hangra: Robert from William de Mohun.

    Hidone / dona: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff. Mill. 22 cattle, 27 goats.
    View of the Vale of Taunton; memorial obelisk to the Duke of Wellington.

    Cliford(e) / forda / fort: Stephen from Baldwin the Sheriff; Godbold. 142 sheep.
    Clifford Barton, an old farm; 17th century Clifford Bridge.

    Clovelie / leia: King's land. 45 cattle, 100 sheep.
    Clovelly Dykes, Iron Age earthworks.

    Clyst Gerred
    Clist: Osbern de Sacey. 27 goats.
    Clyst Gerred Farm.

    Clyst Hydon
    Clist: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    18th century Chelves Hayes, house with Georgian plasterwork.

    Clyst St. George
    Chisewic / Clisewic: Roger from Ralph de Pomeroy, formerly Viking.
    Traditionally Devonian, with red brick and red earth.

    Clyst St. Lawrence
    Clist: Alward, the pre-Conquest holder; from Count of Mortain. 38 goats.

    Clyst St. Mary
    Cliste / Clista: Bishop of Coutances. Cob, 10 cattle.
    14th century bridge. Winslade House was the site of the insurrection when the first English Prayer Book was introduced in 1549.

    Clyst William
    Clist: Edwin from the king.

    Cochintone / Chochintona: William de Falaise. Cob, 159 sheep, 42 goats.
    Thatched cottages; watermill; forge.

    Codeford / aforda: Odo from the king.

    Welle / Willa: Grenta, a man-at-arms, from Tavistock Church.
    Large prehistoric camp on Milber Down.

    Colaton Raleigh
    Coletone / tona: King's land, formerly Earl Harold. Mill. 5 wild mares.
    Place Court, a medieval manor house, owned by Sir Walter Raleigh's family.

    Colrige / riga: Bishop of Coutances.
    On a hilltop north of Dartmoor.

    Coltrestan: Thorgils from Iudhael of Totnes. 22 goats.
    Coldstone Farm.

    Colebrook (in Cullompton)
    Colebroch(e) / broca: Manfred from William Cheever. 25 goats.
    Some houses.

    Coleridge (in Egg Buckland)
    Colrige: Odo from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Coleridge (in Stokenham)
    Colrige / riga: Alric from Aelfeva from Walter de Douai.
    Coleridge House.

    Coletone / -tona: Warin from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Some houses.

    Colecome / Colacoma: Robert d'Aumale. 14 cattle, 20 goats (with Ottery and Willestrew).
    Collacombe Barton near Collacombe Down.

    Collaton (in Marlborough)
    Coletone / -tona: Thorgils from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Colsovenescote / cota: Alward, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Some houses.

    Colum: Fulchere. Mill.
    On the River Culm.

    Colewille / willa: Roger from Baldwin the Sheriff. 20 goats.
    Colwell Barton. The hamlet of West Colwell is nearby.

    Culitone: King's land. Mill, church.
    Saxon settlement c.700AD. Pieces of a Saxon Cross were found in the church. During the reign of Henry VIII, a group of Colyton men, the Feoffees, founded the grammar school and built the town hall.

    Combe (in south Pool)
    Cumbe / Conba: William from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Some houses near Prawle Point.

    Combe Fishacre
    Cumbe / Comba: Ralph de Pomeroy from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Combefishacre House.

    Cumbe / Comba: William Cheever.
    In a combe leading to the Teign Estuary; Bourchier Almshouses, built in 1620.

    Combe Martin
    Cumbe / Comba: William de Falaise. 21 cattle, 140 sheep.
    Once known for lead and silver mines.

    Combe Raleigh
    Otri: Hubert from Walter de Douai. 38 cattle, 28 pigs, 200 sheep, 50 goats, 4 wild mares.
    Chantry House, built in 1498 probably for village priest.

    Combe Royal
    Cumbe: Osbern from Robert Bastard.
    Tudor house.

    Combe Sackville
    Colun / Colum / Colunp:

    Come / Coma: Odo from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    13th century church with Saxon foundations.

    Compton Gifford
    Contone: Stephen from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Cookbury Wick
    Wiche / Wicha: Robert d'Aumale, formerly Wulfrun, a free woman.
    20 cattle.

    Coombe (in Cheriton Fitzpaine)
    Cumbe / Comba: Jagelin from Theobald FitzBerner.

    Coombe (in Cruwys Morchard)
    Cumbe / Conba: Haimeric.

    Coombe (in Drewsteignton)
    Cume / Cuma: Godwin from the king.
    Coombe Hall.

    Coombe (in Templeton)
    Come / Coma: Bishop of Coutances. 20 cattle.
    Now 2 hamlets, North and South Combe.

    Coombe (in Uplowman)
    Come / Coma / Conma: Walter the Wild from Walter de Claville; Gotshelm. Mill.

    Cornehode / huda: Reginald from Count of Mortain. 3 unbroken mares, 10 cattle, 22 goats.
    On Dartmoor, surrounded by prehistoric remains.

    Corneorde / orda: Iudhael of Totnes. Mill, fishery (30 salmon). 140 sheep.
    14th century gatehouse remains from an Augustian priory.

    Coriton / tona: Drogo from Bishop of Coutances.

    Cotelei / leia: Richard from Count of Mortain.

    Contesberie / beria: William Cheever. Cob, 24 pigs, 300 sheep, 35 goats.
    Roman signal station on Old Barrow Hill; earthwork on Wind Hill, where a battle with the Danes was fought in 873.


    Craze Loman
    Lonmele / -mela / Lonnela / Lonmine / mina: Walter de Claville. Cob, 20 cattle.
    On the River Lowman.

    Creacombe (in Newton Ferrers)
    Crawecome / coma: Alfred le Breton.
    Creacombe Farm.

    Creacombe (near Witheridge)
    Crawecome / Crabecoma / Crahecome / Crawecoma: Ansger from Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Cravelech / lec: Edmer from the Bishop of Coutances.
    Crealy Burton.

    Criteton / Chritetona / Chrietona: Bishop of Exeter. Mill. 64 cattle, 57 pigs, 400 sheep, 125 goats.
    Mainly Georgian and Victorian market town. St. Boniface, missionary to the Germans, born here (680). 10th century Crediton was the seat of the Devon bishopric, which then moved to Exeter because of the Danish threat. The church dates from 1150.

    Crochewelle / wella: Reginald from Roald Dubbed.

    Crooke Burnell
    Cruc: William, the king's servant.

    Crideholde / holda: Erchenbald from Count of Mortain. 11 cattle, 100 sheep.
    Also Croyde Bay, a hamlet on the coast.

    Cruwys Morchard
    Morceth / cet / ceta / Morchet: Bishop of Coutances; William Cheever. 13 cattle, 200 sheep.
    Some houses. Estate farmed by the Cruwys family since the 13th century.

    Colelie / leia: Erchenbald from Count of Mortain.

    Colitone / tona: Battle Church. Church.
    Small town with houses built by wood merchants. The Church has a Golgotha wood-carving of skulls, bones and rocks.

    Culm Davy
    Cumbe / Comba: Oliver from Theobald FitzBerner. Mill. 20 cattle.

    Culm Pyne
    Colun: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff. Mill. 20 goats.
    Culm Pyne Barton.

    Clumestoche / stocha: Bishop of Exeter. Mill.
    Quaker Meeting House founded in 1650 and rebuilt in 1815.

    Culm Vale
    Colun: Fulchere.
    Area on the River Exe.

    Coltesworde / shorda: Colwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.

    Cochalescome / coma: Drogo from Count of Mortain.
    Curscombe Farms.

    Cortescanole / ola: Ralph de Pomeroy from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Corneurde / Corneorda: 3 thanes, the pre-Conquest holder, from Alfred le Breton.
    Curworthy Farm.

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    Dart (in Cadeleigh)
    Derte / Derta: Ralph from William de Poilley. Mill.
    Dart Cottages on the River Dart.

    Detrintone / tona: William de Falaise. 2 fishermen paying 80 salmon. 11 cattle.
    Dartington Hall, the ruined palace of the Duke of Exeter, established in 1931 as a self-supporting community.

    Dart Raffe
    Derte / Derta: Ralph from William de Poilley.
    Dart Raffe Farm.

    Doules / Douelis: Bishop of Exeter, for the Canons' supplies. 100 sheep.
    Resort town with 5 railway tunnels by Brunel. Nearby is Luscombe Castle by John Nash.

    Dean Prior
    Dene / Dena: 4 men-at-arms from William de Falaise. 16 cattle, 50 goats.
    Robert Herrick (1591-1674) was vicar here.

    Dalilei / lea: Odo FitzGamelin. Cob.

    Deveneberie / Devenaberia: Tavistock Church.
    17th century manor house with a Georgian façade.

    Dennington (in Yarcombe)
    Donitone / tona: Mont St. Michel Church, formerly Earl Harold. 16 cattle, 200 sheep, 23 goats.
    Tiny; Dennington Lane.

    Dimewoldesham / Donevoldehame / hamma: Alfred from Count of Mortain; an Englishman from William de Falaise.
    Now 2 hamlets, Higher and East Densham.

    Dinnaton (in Cornwood)
    Dunintone / Dinintona / Dunitone / tona: Reginald from Count of Mortain. 20 goats.
    Tiny; on the edge of Dartmoor.

    Depeforde / Deppaforda: Wulfric from Walter de Douai. Mill. 2 asses, 109 sheep, 54 goats.
    Tiny; remains of a chapel.

    Depeforde / forda: King's land.
    Gara Bridge, a medieval packhorse bridge.

    Didasham / sam: Baldwin from Bishop of Exeter. Cob, 20 pigs, 40 goats.
    On the Dart Estuary.

    Docheorde / Dochorda: Walter from Roald Dubbed.
    Now 2 tiny hamlets, Little and West Dockworthy, and Dockworthy Cross.

    Dodebroch / broca: Godiva. 16 cattle, 108 sheep, 27 goats.
    Part of Kingsbridge. St. Thomas' Church has a much restored 15th century wall painting and Norman font.

    Leuge / Leuga: Godbold. 15 cattle, 120 sheep, 50 goats.
    Church with 5 windows of 15th century stained glass.

    Dodecote / cota: Walter de Burgundy from Gotshelm. 20 cattle.
    Some houses.

    Duveltone / -tona / Oueltone / Dueltona: Walter FitzWimund from Baldwin the Sheriff. 30 cattle, 25 goats.
    Church with a font made from a carved Saxon cross.

    Donicestone / tona:

    Otrit: Rainer from Baldwin the Sheriff. Mill.
    Dotton Farm near Dotton Warren, a wood.

    Duvelande / landa: Walter de Claville. 2 cobs, 33 cattle, 106 sheep.

    Kari: Waldin from Iudhael of Totnes. 20 goats.
    Also known as Downacarey.

    Down St. Mary
    Done / Dona: Adolf from the king; Buckfast Church. 11 cattle.
    Church with an unusual Norman tympanum carved with grotesque animals.

    Down Thomas
    Done / Dona: Iudhael of Totnes.

    Draheford / forda: Walter de Claville.
    Some houses.

    Taintone / tona: Baldwin the Sheriff. 14 cattle, 100 sheep, 31 goats.
    Above Teign Gorge with a narrow packhorse bridge over the river.

    Dunsedoc / Donsedoc: Ralph Pagnell.
    Iron Age fort at Cotley Castle nearby; late 14th century church with a restored medieval priest's house.

    Doducheswelle / Duducheswilla: Ralph de Pomeroy.
    Gatehouse of Dunkeswell Abbey, founded in 1201. The church has documents from the abbey, and a Norman font with the carving of an elephant.

    Denesberge / berga: Colwin from the king.

    Danescome / coma:

    Dunewinesdone / -winnusdona / Denewynesdone: Ralph de Pomeroy; Count of Mortain. 35 cattle.

    Dunesford / forda: Gerard from Walter de Douai; Saewulf, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.

    Donesland / landa: Cadio from Baldwin the Sheriff. 15 cattle.
    Now Dunsland Cross.

    Dunstone (in Widecombe in the Moor)
    Dunestanetune / Dunestanaetuna: Roger from Ralph de Pomeroy.

    Dunstone (in Yealmpton)
    Donestanestone / stanestona: Ranulf from Robert Bastard; Algar, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.

    Dondritone / tona: Ralph de Bruyere from Baldwin the Sheriff. 11 cattle, 33 pigs, 100 sheep, 30 goats.
    On a hill above the River Tamar.

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