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    The Domesday Book, 1086

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    Abbots Bickington
    Bichetone / Bicatona: Gerald the Chaplain. 20 cattle.

    Hame / Hama: Tavistock Church. 118 sheep.

    Carsuelle / ella: Horton Church. 30 goats.
    Tudor and Georgian Centre.

    Odeordi: William from Ralph de Feugeres.
    Also the nearby hamlets of Higher and Lower Adworthy.

    Afetone / tona: Ralph de Feugeres. 231 sheep.
    Afton Down nearby.

    Aller (in Abbotskerswell)
    Alre / Alra: Nicholas the Bowman. 24 goats.
    On Aller Brook, adjoining Kingskerswell.

    Aller (in Kentisbeare)
    Alre / Alra / Avra / Avvra: Baldwin the Sheriff; Ralph Pagnell.
    Also Aller Barton nearby.

    Aller (in South Molton)
    Alre / Alra: Bishop of Coutances; Odo FitzGamelin.
    Now 2 hamlets, North and South Aller.

    Alelsland / lant: King's thanes.

    Almerescote / cota: Colwin from Odo Fitz Gamelin. 20 goats.
    Now Almiston Cross.

    Alfintone / tona: King's land, formerly Earl Harold. 1 cob.
    Part of Exeter; 17th century rectory.

    Alwinestone / tona: Fulk from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Alston Farm.

    Alveredescote / cota: Erchenbald from Count of Mortain.
    Church with Norman work and a 16th century barrel roof.

    Alwinetone / tona: Hamelin from Count of Mortain. 120 sheep.
    Some houses.

    Anestinge: Bishop of Coutances; Earl Hugh; Ansger from Baldwin the Sheriff. 25 cattle, 46 goats.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Anstey, on the edge of Exmoor.

    Appledore (in Burlescombe)
    Suraple: Walter de Claville. 1 cob, 121 sheep, 6 wild mares.

    Appledore (in Clannaborough)
    Apledore / dora: Ralph de Bruyere from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Appledore Farm.

    Alferdintone / tona: Alfred d'Epaignes. 100 sheep.
    Arlington Court, built c.1820, with watercolours by William Blake.

    Ash (in Bradworthy)
    Aisse / Aissa / Eissa: Ralph de Pomeroy.
    Now 2 hamlets, East and West Ash.

    Ash (in Petrockstow)
    Aisse / Aissa: Buckfast Church. 10 cattle.

    Ash (in South Tawton)
    Aisse / Aissa: King's land.
    Now East Ash.

    Ash Barton (in Braunton)
    Essa: Ralph from William Cheever.
    Ash Barton.

    Essebretone / tona: Bishop of Exeter.
    Market town with a grammar school founded in 1314; 17th-18th century houses and inns.

    Esseberie: Wihenoc from Alfred d'Epaignes.

    Clist: Canons of St. Mary's from Baldwin the Sheriff. 20 cattle.
    Ashclyst Farm near Ashclyst Forest.

    Aissecome / coma: Ralph de Pomeroy. 42 cattle, 150 sheep, 50 goats.
    14th century church; rectory; a few farms.

    Ashford (near Barnstaple)
    Aisseford / Aiseforda: Robert from Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Aisselie / Assileia: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes. Alder grove.

    Essemundehorde / horda: Gilbert from Baldwin the Sheriff. Wild mare, 100 sheep.

    Aisbertone / tona: King's land. 2 fisheries, salthouse. Cob, 100 sheep.
    Church chalice has been in use since 1275.

    Aisse / Aissa: Gotshelm from the king. 17 cattle, 35 goats.

    Ash Thomas
    Aisa: Godfrey from Gotshelm, formerly Aelfeva, a free woman.

    Essestone / Essetona: Buckfast Church; the wife of Hervey de Hellean.
    Now 2 hamlets, Lower Ashton with a 17th century stone bridge, and Upper Ashton.

    Aisse / Aissa: Bishop of Coutances. 42 cattle, 161 sheep.
    Church with richly carved 13th century wagon roof.

    Hanc / Hanche: Ralph de Pomeroy. Cob, 11 cattle, 100 sheep.

    Aveton Gifford
    Avetone: Roald Dubbed.
    At the head of the Avon estuary with a medieval causeway across water meadows.

    Aulescome / coma: William Cheever and Ralph and Hamo from him; Gotshelm; Ralph de Pomeroy and Helgot from him. Mill, 16 cattle, 287 sheep, 97 goats.

    Alseminstre / menistra / ministra / Axeministra / tre: King's land; Edwulf from William Cheever. 2 mills.
    Small town where Aethelstan founded a college in the 10th century; famous for carpet-making. Nearbya are the ruins of Newnham Abbey, founded by Reginald de Mohun in the 13th century.

    Alsemude / muda: Kings land.
    Resort; an important port until the 14th century when the River Axe silted up.

    Eilesberge / Ailesberga: Baldwin the Sheriff. 12 cattle, 100 sheep.

    Eileuses / Ailesuescote / Aileuescota: Bishop of Coutances.
    Now 2 hamlets, Lower and Higher Aylescott.

    Aisseford / Aiseforda: Walter the Steward from Walter de Claville. Cob, 14 cattle, 33 goats, 2 wild mares.
    17th century Ayshford House.

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    Bachemore / mora: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Baccamoor Waste, on heathland.

    Bachestane: Robert Bastard.
    Now West Backstone.

    Bicheordin: Fulcwold from William Cheever.
    Badgeworthy Hill.

    Bachedone / dona: Osbern from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Bagetore / Bagathora: Roger from Nicholas the Bowman.
    Bagtor House near Bag Tor.

    Baden / Baen / Bentone / Badentone / entone / Baentona: Walter de Douai and Rademar and Gerard from him. Mill. 2 cobs, 50 goats. Small market town.
    The church has the base of a Saxon cross.

    Baldrintone / tona: King's land.
    Now 2 hamlets, Middle and Great Barlington.

    Barnestapla / staple / Bardestapla / Barnestabla: Royal Borough; Bishop of Coutances; Baldwin the Sheriff; Robert d'Aumale; Robert de Beaumont. Mill.
    Main market town of north Devon, it received its town charter from King Aethelstan in 930. Birthplace of John Gay (1685-1732), who wrote The Beggars Opera.

    Badestane / tana: Hugh from Count of Mortain.
    Some houses.

    Bachetesberia / Bacetesberia: Alfred le Breton.
    Now Battisborough Cross.

    Botesforde / forda: William de Poilley.

    Bacheleford: William from Alfred le Breton.

    Baverdone / dona: King's land. 14 cattle, 28 goats.

    Beara Charter
    Bera: Bishop of Coutances. 10 goats.
    Now Beara Charter Barton.

    Beguerde / eurda: William de Poilley. 20 cattle.
    St. Alban's Church with carved Norman capitals.

    Beuleie / Benleia:

    Beer (in Offwell)

    Beer (near Seaton)
    Horton Church. 100 sheep; 4 salthouses, taken from the church were held by Drogo from Count of Mortain.
    Stone quarries in use since Roman times.

    Begatore / tora: Ansger from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Beetor Farm.

    Belestham / Bellestam: Richard from Baldwin the Sheriff. 10 goats.
    Prehistoric stone circle, the Nine Maidens, nearby.

    Botintone / tona / Bontintona: Bishop of Exeter, given to him by Count of Mortai in exchange for a castle in Cornwall.

    Bere Ferrers
    Birland / landa: Reginald from Count of Mortain. 11 goats.
    At the meeting of the Rivers Tavy and Tamar.

    Hurtesberie / beria: Walter de Douai. 200 sheep, 83 goats.
    Near the church, manor house, c.1480, of the Berry family.

    Bicheford / forda: Robert Bastard; Aldred the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Bickfordtown Hall.

    Bichecome / coma: Robert of Hereford from Robert d'Aumale. 10 goats.
    Bickham Barton near Bickham Moor.

    Bickleigh (near Plymouth)
    Bichelie / leia: William de Poilley. Fishery. 146 sheep.
    13th century church with a Norman font.

    Bickleigh (near Silverton)
    Bichelie / lia: Alward from Count of Mortain. Mill.
    Bickleigh Castle, rebuilt in Tudor times, with a Norman gatehouse and chapel opposite.

    Picaltone / tona: Bernard from Thoebald FitzBerner.

    Bechetone / Bechatona: William the Porter, the king's servant. Cob.
    Bicton House, c.1730, now the Devon School of Agriculture.

    Bedeford / Bediforda: King's land. 18 cattle, 300 sheep.
    Small port and market town, granted its market charter in 1272. Timber of the original 13th century bridge was rediscovered in 1925.

    Bicheberie / beria: Reginald de Vautortes from Count of Mortain. Salthouse. 107 sheep.

    Bishop's Nympton
    Nimetone / tona: Bishop of Exeter. Mill.
    First granted to Aelfhane in 974, when it was called Nymet, the old name for the River Yeo.

    Bishop's Tawton
    Tautone / Taintona: Bishop of Exeter. 15 cattle, 153 sheep.
    Turreted farmhouse, once part of a palace of the Bishops of Exeter.

    Tantone / Taintona: Bishop of Exeter. 24 salthouses. 37 cattle, 410 sheep, 40 goats.
    Ruins of Bishop Grandisson's summer palace, 1332, nearby.

    Bededone / dona: Bishop of Coutances. 135 sheep, 48 goats.

    Blacheurde / eorde: Iudhael of Totnes; Robert Bastard.
    Below Hanger Down.

    Avetone / tona: King's land, formerly Asgar the Cramped. Salthouse. 120 sheep.
    14th century church with a Norman font.

    Blacheberge / beria / berie / Blacaberga: Baldwin the Sheriff; Ralph de Pomeroy; Ralph Botin from William the Usher, the king's servant. 15 cattle, 38 goats.

    Blachepole / Blacapola: King's land, formerly Earl Harold.
    Higher Blackpool Farm.

    Blachestach / tac / Bacheslac: Ralph de Pomeroy.
    Below Blackslade Down.

    Black Torrington
    Torintone / tona: King's land. Formerly Earl Harold. 10 pigs, 200 sheep, 50 goats.

    Blachegrave / Blacagrava / Blachagava: William de Poilley. 27 cattle.

    Blachewelle / willa: Robert de Pont-Chardon from Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Blachestane: Alfred le Breton. Salthouse.
    On the Tavy Estuary, with Blaxton Wood.

    Boslie / a: Rolf from Baldwin the Sheriff. 12 cattle.
    Now 2 hamlets, Boasley and Boasley Cross.

    Bihede / heda: Walter de Claville.

    Boltesberie / beria / Boteberie / Botestesberia: Hugh and Richard from Count of Mortain.
    Some houses.

    Bolham (in Tiverton)
    Boleham: William the Usher, the king's servant. Mill. Cob.

    Bolham Water (in Clayhidon)
    Boleham: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff. 10 cattle.

    Bolenei(a): Bishop of Coutances.
    Church with a Norman tympanum.

    Borough (in Bridgerule)
    Borge: Count of Mortain.

    Bovey Tracey
    Bovi: Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 30 cattle.
    Small town named after the Tracey family. The original church is said to have been built by Sir William de Tracey in penance for his part in the murder of Thomas à Becket.

    Cume / Coma: Reginald from Count of Mortain.

    Bovelie / lia: William de Poilley.
    Now 2 hamlets, Great and Little Bowley.

    Bradeforde / forda: Iudhael of Totnes.

    Bradford (near Cookbury)
    Bradeford / fort: Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Bradford (in Pyworthy)
    Bradeford / fort: William from Iudhael Totnes.
    Bradford Manor.

    Bradford (in Witheridge)
    Bradeford / forda: Beatrix, William's sister, from William Cheever.
    Bradford Mill on the Little Dart River; also Bradford Barton near the hamlet of Bradford Tracy.

    Bradelie: Bishop of Coutances; Haimeric.
    Now 2 hamlets, Middle and Great Bradley.

    Bradenese / nesa: Alfred le Breton. Mill. 324 sheep.
    Small town.

    Bradestone / tana: King's land, formerly Earl Harold.
    Partly Tudor manor house.

    Bradewelle / Bradeuilla: Ralph de Limesy.
    Some houses.

    Brawordine / Braor / Bravordina: Ralph de Pomeroy. 40 cattle, 30 unbroken mares, 120 sheep.
    Remote; a large central square.

    Bramford Speke
    Branford / fortune / fort / fortuna: Bishop of Coutances; Walter from Baldwin the Sheriff; Vitalis of Colyton from Baldwin the Sheriff; Walter de Claville. 35 cattle, 204 sheep.
    Thatched 18th century cottages.

    Branchescome / coma: Bishop of Exeter, for the canons' supplies. 150 sheep.
    Belonged to Alfred in the 9th century and then given by Aethelstan to the Benedictine monks of Exeter in the 10th century.

    Bratton Clovelly
    Bratone / tona: Baldwin the Sheriff. 8 wild mares, 18 cattle.
    Church dates from the 13th century and has wall paintings and a Norman font.

    Bratton Fleming
    Bratone / Brotone: Erchenbald from Count of Mortain. 40 pigs, 100 sheep.

    Bracton / tona / Brantone / tona: King's land and Robert de Pont-Chardon from the King; Algar the priest. 200 sheep.
    Town. Braunton Great Field is an example of the Saxon open strip system.

    Bray (in South Molton)
    Brai: Bishop of Coutances; Alnoth from the king. Garden in Barnstaple.
    Now South Bray; also Bray Mill Cross; Bray Bridge.

    Bredelie / lia: Reginald from Odo FitzGamelin.
    Brayley Barton near Brayley Hill.

    Bremerige: Bishop of Coutances. 22 goats.
    Near Bremridge Wood.

    Bristelesworde / shorda: Colwin from the king.

    Bidestou: Ralph de Pomeroy from Baldwin the Sheriff. 135 sheep.
    Norman arch from the church was used as a gateway on the main road.

    Bredford / fort / Brideford / forda: Emma from her husband Baldwin the Sheriff; Iudhael of Totnes. 180 sheep, 38 goats.

    Brige: Roald Dubbed. Mill.

    Bredviche: Bishop of Coutances. 13 cattle.
    Bridwick Farm.

    Bremelcome: Ansger de Montacute.
    Brimblecombe Wood nearby.

    Briseham: Iudhael of Totnes. 2 cobs, 200 sheep.
    Town, once a Roman settlement, with an Iron Age fort at Berry Head.

    Brixton (in Broadwood Kelly)
    Bristanestone / tona: Richard from Baldwin the Sheriff. 14 cattle.
    Brixton Barton.

    Brixton (in Shaugh Prior)
    Brictricestone / Bristrichestona: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Brixton (near Yealmpton)
    Brisestone / tona: Iudhael of Totnes.
    Brixton Barton.

    Bradeford / forda: Reginald from Count of Mortain.

    Broad Clyst
    Clistone / tona: King's land. Mill. 100 sheep.
    Broad Clyst House is Georgian. Killerton Park is a botanical garden with Killerton Clump, an Iron Age earthwork.

    Ham- / Han- / Henberie / -beria / Hain- / Hemberia: Odo FitzGamelin. Mill. 100 sheep.
    15th century Drewe Arms. Hembury Fort, largest Iron Age earthwork in Devon, nearby.

    Hamestone / Hamistona: Hamelin from Count of Mortain.

    Bradelie / leia: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Limet / Limete: Ralph de Bruyere from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Ruined 13th century chapel.

    Broadwood Kelly
    Bradehode / hoda: Modbert from Baldwin the Sheriff. 13 cattle.
    Church, 16th century stained-glass windows.

    Bradewode / e(w)oda: Nigel from Iudhael of Totnes. 31 cattle. 200 sheep.
    Named after the Wyger family, who acquired the manor in 1273. Nearby, Wortham Manor is 15th century.

    Brocheland / lande / landa: Geoffrey from Ralph de Pomeroy, formerly Aethelhard the monk.
    Now Higher Bruckland Farm and Lower Bruckland, a tiny hamlet.

    Brigeford(a) / Brisford / forda: Godfrey the Chamberlain from Baldwin the Sheriff; Godfrey from Gotshelm; Godbold.
    Brushford Barton.

    Bucfestra / Bulfestra: Buckfast Church.
    Benedictine monks settled here in 1018; in 1147 abbey became Cistercian. The present building is mainly 20th century; a stone block in the churchyard may be the Norman altar.

    Buckland (in Braunton)
    Bocheland / lant: Godfrey from William Cheever. 26 goats.
    Buckland Manor.

    Buckland (in Dolton)
    Bocheland / Bocchelanda: Aelmer from Odo FitzGamelin. 14 cattle.
    Buckland Farm.

    Buckland (in Haccombe)
    Bocheland / landa: Robert from William Cheever. 25 goats.
    Part of Newton Abbot.

    Buckland (in Thurlestone)
    Bocheland / landa: Hugh from Count of Mortain.

    Buckland Brewer
    Bocheland / landa: Ansger le Breton from Count of Mortain. 19 cattle, 150 sheep, 50 goats.
    Partly Tudor Orleigh Court nearby.

    Buckland Filleigh
    Bochelan(d): Bishop of Coutances. 16 cattle, 15 goats.

    Buckland in the Moor
    Bochelande / landa: Nicholas the Bowman. 20 goats.
    Moorland site; Georgian Buckland Court.

    Buckland Monachorum
    Bocheland(a): William de Poilley. Salthouse, fishery. 20 cattle, 10 pigs, 130 sheep.
    Named after a Cistercian abbey founded in 1278, later Sir Francis Drake's home and now a museum.

    Buckland Tout Saints
    Bocheland(a) / landa: Walter de Claville; Baldwin from Gotshelm. 26 goats.

    Bucks Cross
    Bochewis / Bochewys / Bochiywis: Theobald FitzBerner.

    Bucheside: Alfred le Breton.
    Budshtad Creek in Plymouth.

    Buchesworde / -surda / Bochesorda / -surda: Ansger le Breton from Count of Mortain. 100 sheep.
    Old farms; superb tithe barn. The church was built by Sir William Hankford, who imprisoned Prince Hal and later became his Chief Justice.

    Boleborde / Bolehorda: Godric from the king. 40 goats.
    Bulworthy Farms.

    Berlescome / coma: Walter de Claville. 22 cattle.

    Burn (in Silverton)
    Burne / Borna: Godbold.
    Part of Tarrant Rushton hamlet.

    Burrington (near Chulmleigh)
    Bernintone / intona / Bernurtona: Tavistock Church and William Cheever and Geoffrey from the Abbot. 28 goats.
    15th century church with a fine wooden screen.

    Burrington (in Weston Peverel)
    Buretone / tona: Iudhael of Totnes.
    Burrington Way in Plymouth.

    Limet / Limete / Limeta: Otelin from Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Berie / Beria: Bishop of Exeter.
    Bury Barton with a chapel.

    Burietescome / coma: Bishop of Coutances.

    Botre- / Butreforde / Botreforda: Thorgils from Iudhael of Totnes.

    Buterlei(a): Edwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Hamlet of East Butterleigh nearby.

    Biude / Biuda: Walter de Claville, formerly Mathilda.
    Bywood Farm, near Bywood Copse.

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