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    Farnham Royal
    Ferneham: Bertram de Verdun; Geoffrey de Mandeville (who dispossessed Bertram while he was overseas serving the king).
    Suburb of Slough. Called 'Royal' because William I granted the manor holder the right to give a glove and support his right arm at his coronation.

    Falelie: Herbrand from Walter Giffard.
    William of Orange was welcomed at Fawley Court in 1688 on his march from Torbay to claim the throne.

    Fleet Marston
    Merstone: Walter de Vernon.
    Farms and cottages on Roman Akeman Street.

    Foxescote: Thurstan from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Foxcote Manor, partly Elizabethan; site of a Roman villa nearby.

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    Chauescote: Bishop of Lincoln.
    Architect Sir Gilbert Scott was born here in 1811.

    Gateherst: Bishop of Lisieux from Bishop of Bayeux and Robert de Noyers from him.
    Sir Francis Drake (1540-96) was given the manor house; the present Elizabethan mansion was built in 1597 after he sold it. Sir Everard Digby, Gunpowder conspirator, lived in the village.

    Grenesberga: St. Albans Abbey.

    Great Brickhill
    Brichella: William from Earl Hugh. 2 mills.

    Great Horwood
    Hereworde: William from Walter Giffard.

    Great Kimble
    Chenebella: Hugh from Walter Giffard.
    The name is thought to be a corruption of Cymbeline (Cunobelinus), the 1st century British king. Pulpit Hill has an Iron Age fort.

    Great Linford
    Linforde: Ranulf from Count of Mortain; Hugh from Walter Giffard; Robert from William FitzAnsculf; Hugh de Bolbec.
    Part of Milton Keynes New Town.

    Great Marlow
    Berlaue: Thoedwald from Bishop of Bayeux; Ralph and Roger from Miles Crispin. Mill, fishery.
    Town. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein here (1817-18). T.S. Eliot lived here.

    Great Missenden
    Missedene: Thurstan FitzRolf from Walter Giffard.
    19th century Missenden Abbey stands on the site of a 12th century Augustinian abbey.

    Great Woolstone
    Ulsiestone: St. Peter's of La Couture from Walter Giffard.
    Part of Milton Keynes New Town.

    Grendon Underwood
    Grennedone: Henry de Ferrers.
    Shakespeare supposedly began A Midsummer Night's Dream while staying overnight at 16th century Shakespeare Farm, then the New Inn.

    Langraue: Robert from Jocelyn le Breton.
    Beside a lock on the Grand Union Canal.

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    Nedreham: Archbishop Lanfranc. 2 mills.
    Charming; noted for its medieval centre.

    Haltone: Archbishop of Canterbury. Mill.
    Iron Age fort on Boddington Hill. Baron Alfred de Rothschild built Halton House, now an RAF establishment, in 1841.

    Hambledene: Queen Matilda. Mill, fishery (1,000 eels).
    Mill at Hambleden Mill End. The 17th century manor house owned by Viscount Hambleden, was the birthplace of the 7th Earl Cardigan who commanded the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava (1854).

    Hamdena: Odbert from William FitzAnsculf.
    Now 2 villages, Great Hampden, with 14th century Hampden House with parkland and a section of Iron Age Grim's Ditch earthwork, and Little Hampden.

    Hamescle: Winemar the Fleming. Mill.
    The 12th century church has the grave of a prizefighter who died here in 1830 after an illegal 47-round bare-knuckle contest.

    Herould / Herulfmede: Hugh from Walter Giffard; Harvey, Payne and Baldwin from William FitzAnsculf; Hugh de Bolbec; Morcar from Countess Judith.
    Some houses.

    Harduic(h): Aelmer from Count of Mortain; William from Miles Crispin; Thurstan FitzRolf.
    On a green; 17th century manor house.

    Herdewelle: William Peverel. 6 hides and 3 virgates. Teuthael holds from him. Land for 8 ploughs; in lordship 3. 16 villagers, 4 smallholders, 4 slaves. Meadow. Value now 100s; TRE 7. Alwin, a thane of King Edward's, held this manor.


    Havresham: William Peverel. Mill (75 eels).

    Helpestorp / trope: Helgot from Mainou le Breton; Aelmer from Count of Mortain.
    Helsthorpe Farm.

    High Wycombe
    Wicumbe: Robert d'Oilly from his wife's holding. 6 mills.
    Furniture manufacturing town; earthworks; Wycombe Abbey public school.

    Ilesdone / Ulesdone: Ranulf from Count of Mortain; Hugh from Walter Giffard. Mill.
    Remote; hilltop.

    Hucheham: Ralph and Roger from Miles Crispin.
    Near Maidenhead. Hitcham Park is the site of a manor house where Elizabeth I was entertained, 1602.

    Hochestone: Payne from William FitzAnsculf.
    Remote; thatched cottages; Jacobean manor house.

    Hocsaga: William Peverel.
    Traces of an ancient moat near Hogshaw Farm.

    Holedene / Holendene: Payne from William FitzAnsculf; Nigel from Miles Crispin.

    Horsede(u)ne: Roger and Robert from Bishop of Bayeux; Ralph from Count of Mortain; Harding from the king. Mill.

    Horton (in Ivinghoe)
    Hortone: Alstan from Count of Mortain; Swarting from Gilbert de Ghent; Miles Crispin.
    Moated hall.

    Horton (near Slough)
    Hortune: Walter FitzOthere. Mill.

    Huchedene: William FitzOger from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Disraeli lived at Hughenden Manor, 1847-81.

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    Hibestanes / Ebestan / Ypestan: Hervey the Commissioner from the king.
    Its large common is on a Chiltern ridge.

    Iforde: The monks of Grestain from Count of Mortain; Richard from Miles Crispin.
    Thatched cottages; traces of an ancient earthwork nearby.

    Imere: Robert from Bishop of Bayeux. Mill.
    Half-timbered cottages.

    Evreham: Robert d'Oilly. 3 mills, 4 fisheries (1500 eels), vines.

    Evinghehou: Bishop of Winchester.
    Fine 17th and 18th century houses; Iron Age hill fort nearby.

    Ivinghoe Aston
    Estone: Ralph from Count of Mortain; Germund from Geoffrey de Mandeville.

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    Eie: Nigel de le Vast from Nigel d'Aubigny.
    Between the River Thame and Cuttle Brook.

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    Lan(d)port: Berner from Walter Giffard; Gerard from Mainou le Breton.

    Late(s)berie: Bishop of Lisieux from Bishop of Bayeux; William from Bishop of Coutances; William d'Orange from Hugh de Beauchamp.
    19th century manor house.

    Lauendene / Lauue(n)dene: Bishop of Coutances and William, Ansketel and 3 Freemen from him; Humphrey from Count of Mortain; Ralph from Walter Giffard; Roger and Ralph from Countess Judith; Ketel from the King. 1 mills (250 eels), 1 mill (50 eels).
    Lavendon Castle.

    Lecham(e)stede: Gilbert Maminot from Bishop of Bayeux; Hugh from Walter Giffard; Osbert from Geoffrey de Mandeville. Mill.
    Straggling; disused mill.

    Edingeberge / Ledingberge: Arnulf de Hesdin from Bishop of Bayeux; Ralph from Walter Giffard.

    Lillingstone Dayrell
    Lelinchestane: Hugh from Walter Giffard.
    Church with an 11th century nave near the site of an old manor house.

    Lillingstone Lovell
    Lelinchestane: Benzelin; Richard the Artificer.

    Lincelada: Hugh de Beauchamp. Mill.

    Little Brickhill
    Brichelle: Thurstan from Bishop of Bayeux.
    On Roman Watling Street. Buckinghamshire Assizes were held here for 200 years until 1638.

    Litecota / e: Robert from Walter Giffard; Payne from William FitzAnsculf; Robert from Miles Crispin.

    Little Kimble
    Parva Chenebelle: Albert from Thurstan FitzRolf. Mill.

    Little Linford
    Linforde: Edeva, the pre-Conquest holder, from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.
    Parkland, becoming a suburb of Milton Keynes.

    Little Marlow
    Merlaue: King's land, formerly Queen Matilda; Walter de Vernon. Mill, fishery (1,000 eels).
    Set round a green.

    Little Missenden
    Missedene: Count of Mortain; Wulfgeat from Hugh de Bolbec; Thurstan Mantle.
    Unspoilt; church founded in Saxon times; Jacobean manor house.

    Little Woolstone
    Ulsiestone: Ralph from Walter Giffard; William FitzAnsculf. Mill.
    Absorbed in Milton Keynes.

    Long Crendon
    Credendone: Walter Giffard. Mill, park for woodland beasts.
    Thatched cottages. Medieval buildings; 14th century court house; 15th century manor house owned by Catherine de Valois (1401-37), queen of Henry V.

    Lochintone: Walter from Count of Mortain; Ivo from Walter Giffard; 2 men-at-arms from Mainou le Breton.
    16th century manor house near a willow-shaded green.

    Lower Winchendon
    Winchendone: Walter Giffard. Mill (80 eels).
    Picturesque; old cottages; 16th century manor farm house; medieval Nether Winchendon House, formerly the manor house.

    Lede: Walter from Bishop of Lincoln. 3 mills.
    Lude Farm.

    Lotegarser: Bishop of Coutances; William FitzMann.
    Scattered; 17th century houses round a green.

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    Maids Moreton
    Mortone: Thurstan from Walter Giffard; Leofwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Buckingham suburb. The maids Moreton were sisters who founded the church in the 15th century.

    Marsh Gibbon
    Mersa / e: Monks of Grestain from Count of Mortain; Alric FitzAnsculf, the pre-Conquest holder, (under harsh conditions).

    Misseuorde: Ralph Basset from Robert d'Oilly. 3 mills.
    Roman building site nearby.

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    Medemeham: Hugh de Bolbec. Fishery (1,000 eels).
    Iron Age fort called Bolbec's Castle.

    Mentemore: Robert from Earl Hugh.
    19th century Mentmore Park was built by the Rothschild family.

    Middle Claydon
    Clai(d)done: William Peverel.
    Claydon House, where Florence Nightingale stayed with here sister, Lady Verney, is still the home of the Verney family.

    Milton Keynes
    Mid(d)eltone / Midueltone: Hugh from Walter Giffard; Osbert from William FitzAnsculf; Godric Cratel from the king. Mill.
    Near Milton Keynes New Town.

    Monk's Risborough
    Riseberge: Archbishop of Canterbury.
    Close to Princes Risborough.

    Moleshou: Richard from Walter Giffard.

    Muselai: Alfred from Count of Mortain; William from Walter Giffard; Leofwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Market town in the 13th century; 17th century manor house.

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