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  • Buckinghamshire A-E

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    Eddingrave: Hugh from Walter Giffard.
    Addingrove Farm.

    Ed(d)intone: Robert of Romney from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Secluded parkland; 2 manor houses.

    Edestoche: Ambrose from William Peverel.
    Some thatched, timber-framed houses.

    Achelei: Robert from Walter Giffard.
    Attractive, tree-shaded; built round a square.

    Elm(n)odesham: Roger from Bishop of Bayeux; Aelmer from Count of Mortain; Geoffrey de Mandeville; Wulfgeat from Hugh de Bolbec; Thurstan Mantle; Jocelyn le Breton. 2 mills.
    Town. 17th century buildings; Mantles Green commemorates Thurstan Mantle.

    Assedo(u)ne: Richard from Walter Giffard; Vicking from Miles Crispin.

    Aston Abbotts
    Estone: St. Albans Abbey.
    The Abbey is a large house built on the side of what was once the abbot's country seat.

    Aston Clinton
    Estone: Edward of Salisbury. Mill.
    Busy; Victorian and modern houses along a main road.

    Aston Sandford
    Estone: Robert from Bishop of Bayeux; Miles Crispin; Odo from Mainou le Breton.

    Eilesberia / e: King's land with the Bishop of Lincoln holding the church. 2 mills.
    County town that spread rapidly in the 1960s from its medieval and Georgian centre. It was the home of John Wilkes, the radical 18th century politician.

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    Barton Hartshorn
    Bertone: Arnulf de Hesdin from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Tudor manor house.

    Bec(h)entone: Hugh from Walter Giffard; Leofwin of Nuneham from the king and from Roger d'Ivry.
    Beachampton Hall manor house; The Grange, a timber-framed farmhouse.

    Bichedone: Bishop of Bayeux; Miles Crispin.
    Beachendon Farm.

    Begraue: Roger from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Bedgrove Farm.

    Bech(t)esdene: King's land; Count of Mortain. 2 mills.
    A large 18th century house stands on the site of a Cistercian abbey.

    Bortone: Roger from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Absorbed by Aylesbury.

    Bledlai: Count of Mortain. Mill.
    Built round a ravine of the River Lyde.

    Bo(u)rtune: King's land (assessed in Buckingham); Hugh from Walter Giffard. 2 mills.
    On the outskirts of Buckingham.

    Boueni(a)e: Reinbald the Priest, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king; Gerard from Giles brother of Ansculf.
    Ancient disused church near Boveney Court, a 15th century timber-framed house.

    Bow Brickhill
    Brichelle: Robert from Bishop of Lisieux; Ralph and Robert from Walter Giffard. Mill.
    Picturesque. It climbs the steep slope of a wooded hill crowned by Danesborough hill fort.

    Boicote: Reinbald.
    Boycott Manor.

    Bradeham: Swarting and Harding from the king.
    The childhood home of Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81), now owned by the National Trust.

    Bradew(uu)elle: Walter Hacket from Walter Giffard; William de Feugeres from William FitzAnsculf (who, as sheriff, wrongfully dispossessed William Cholsey).
    Remains of a 12th century Benedictine priory; earthworks of a motte and bailey castle.

    Brunhelle: King's land.
    Hilltop; clay-working centre for 600 years; 17th century postmill; mineral spring.

    Lost. Remembered only in the name of Brook's Copse.

    Broughton (near Aylesbury)
    Brotone: William de Warenne.
    Broughton Manor Farm; traces of an ancient moat.

    Broughton (near Moulsoe)
    Brotone: Hugh from Walter Giffard; Morcar, the pre-Conquest holder, from Countess Judith. Mill.
    Medieval wall paintings in church; manor farm with charming timber-framed buildings.

    Bochingheham: with Bortune 1 hide TRE, now the same. Land for 8 ploughs; in lordship 2. 26 burgesses, 11 smallholders, 2 slaves. Mill, pasture. Value 10 TRE; now pays 16 in white silver. Bishop Remigius [Bishop of Lincoln] holds the church. Bishop Wulfwy held it from King Edward.Bishop of Coutances has 3 burgesses. Earl Hugh has 1 burgess, Burghard of Shenley's man. Robert d'Oilly has 1 burgess, Azor son of Toti's man. Roger d'Ivry has 4 burgesses, all Azor's men. Hugh de Bolbec has 4 burgesses, Alfric's men. Mainou le Breton has 4 burgesses, men of Edeva, wife of Sired. Hascoit Musard has 1 burgess, Azor son of Toti's man. Arnulf de Hesdin has 1 burgess, Wiglaf's man. William de Castellion has 2 burgesses, Earl Leofwin's men. Earl Aubrey has 1 burgess. Leofwin of Nuneham has 5 burgesses.

    Bochelande: Walter from Bishop of Lincoln.

    Burneham: Walter FitzOthere.
    Engulfed by Slough suburbs; site of a 12th century Augustinian abbey which was restored by nuns as a convent in 1916.

    Bricstoch: Alan from Count of Mortain; Thurstan from Walter Giffard; William from Miles Crispin.
    The farms of Upper and Lower Burston recall the Domesday village name.

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    Caldecote: Alfred from Count of Mortain; William FitzAnsculf; Swarting from the king. 2 mills.

    Calvretone: Hugh de Bolbec. Mill.
    Old manor house.

  • Calverton local history site

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    Chalfont St. Giles
    Celfun(d)te: Mainou le Breton. 3 mills, a hawk's eyrie.
    Pretty; home of poet John Milton (1608-74).

    Chalfont St. Peter
    Cenfun(d)te: Roger from Bishop of Bayeux. Mill, a hawk's eyrie.
    Centre of Quakerism in the 17th century; hawk's eyrie, source of young birds to train.

    Credendone: Ralph de Feugeres.
    On a hill near Calvert brickworks.

    Cerl(d)eslai: Arnulf and Geoffrey from Walter Giffard; Richard from Miles Crispin.
    Unspoilt; timber-framed cottages on the banks of the River Thame.

    Cete(n)done / Cetedene: Ralph and Ranulph from Count of Mortain; Swarting from the king and from William FitzAnsculf; Gilbert from Robert de Tosny; Ralph from Robert d'Oilly; Hugh de Bolbec.
    Saxon cultivation terraces nearby. The Great Train Robbery took place here in 1962.

    Cestreham: Bishop of Bayeux and Roger from him; Hugh de Bolbec; Thurstan Mantle; Alfsi. 4 mills.
    Market town. Surviving tracts of woods which provided pastureland for 1650 pigs in 1086, still reach its outskirts.

    Ceteode: Robert de Thaon from Bishop of Bayeux. Mill.

    Cicelai: Baldwin, the pre-Conquest holder, Andrew and Payne from William FitzAnsculf.
    Chicheley Hall (1701).

    Ciltone: Walter Giffard.
    Pretty; stonebuilt; 18th century Chilton House.

    Clifton Reynes
    Clifton / Clis- / Clystone: Morcar and Thorbert from Bishop of Coutances; William de Bosc-le-hard and his brother from Robert de Tosny; Roger d'Olney and Nigel from Countess Judith. 1 mills, fishery (125 eels).

    Croustone: Bishop of Lisieux; monks of St. Nicholas from Count of Mortain.

    Cresselai: Ranulf from Edward of Salisbury.
    300 acre Creslow Field, the county's largest enclosed pasture, provided meat for Elizabeth I. Creslow Manor, now a farmhouse, was built c.1300.

    Coblintone: Jocelyn le Breton. Mill.
    The mound of a Norman castle, The Beacon, is to the west.

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    Dodeforde: Haimard from Roger d'Ivry; Hugh FitzGozhere from the king.

    Daceta: Giles brother of Ansculf. 2 fisheries (2,000 eels).
    Thames-side residential district, dominated by Windsor Castle across the river.

    Daneham: St. Peter's of Westminster. 2 mills, 3 fisheries.
    Picturesque part of Greater London; a centre of the film industry.

    Dilehurst: Bishop of Lisieux from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Lost in Taplow.

    Danitone: Helto from Bishop of Bayeux. Mill.
    Chestnut-shaded. 15th century Dinton Hall was the home of Simon Mayne, who signed Charles I's death warrant in 1649.

    Ditone: Walter from William FitzAnsculf.

    Dornei: Miles Crispin. Fishery (500 eels).
    Green Belt. England's first pineapple was grown here for Charles II in 1668. Dorney Court, c.1500, has been the home of the Palmer family since 1624.

    Dortone: Walter Giffard.
    Dorton House, set in parkland, is a private school.

    Drayton Beauchamp
    Draitone: William FitzNigel and Leofsi from Count of Mortain; Helgot from Mainou le Breton.
    The Beauchamps held the manor in the 13th century.

    Drayton Parslow
    Drai(n)tone: Roger from Bishop of Bayeux; Nigel de Berville.
    Remote. Once held by Ralph Passwater (Passe l'eau), who was dispossessed by the Bishop of Coutances. The English name, Parslow, derives from Passe l'eau.

    Dodintone: Thurstan FitzGiron from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Isolated; manor farm.

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    Hesintone: Roger from Walter Giffard.

    East Burnham
    Esburnham: St. Peter's of Westminster.
    Near Burnham Beaches.

    East Claydon
    Clai(n)done: Ralph from William Peverel; Geoffrey de Mandeville; 2 Englishmen and Geoffrey from Miles Crispin.
    Black and white cottages; traces of a moat.

    Achecote: Ralph from Walter Giffard.
    18th century manor farm.

    Ed(d)inberge: Gilbert de Ghent. 2 mills.

  • Edlesborough history on Genuki

    Esenberge / a: Ralph and Odbert from William FitzAnsculf, formerly Earl Harold; Mainou le Breton.
    Sheltered by beechwoods; Cymbeline's Mount nearby.

    Ambre(i)tone: Godric and Wulfric, the pre-Conquest holder, from Bishop of Coutances; Ralph from Countess Judith.
    Manor farm; recreation ground; camp site; nature reserve.

    Ettone: Walter FitzOthere, formerly Queen Edith. 2 mills, fisheries (1,000 eels).
    Town. Famous for its public school, founded by Henry VI in 1440.

    Euressel: A cripple, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Farm and copse.

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