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  • Wiltshire E-O

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    Ardescote: Stephen Carpenter.
    Earlscourt and Upper Earlscourt Farms.

    Easton Grey
    Estone: Roger de Berkeley. Mill.
    Mainly stone-built; on a Romano-British settlement site.

    Easton Piercy
    Estone: Arnulf de Hesdin.

    East Overton

    Ebbesborne Wake
    Eblesborne: Robert from Robert FitzGerald.

    Edentone: St. Mary of Romsey before and after 1066; Hervey of Wilton. 2 mills.
    Priory and church founded 1351 by the Bishop of Winchester, William of Edington.

    Elecome: King's land, formerly Earl Aubrey.
    Elcombe Hall.

    Wintreburne: Osbern Giffard.
    Elston House; Elston Farm.

    Enedforde: Bishop of Winchester before and after 1066. 2 mills.
    On the River Avon; Enford Farm.

    Ec(h)esatingetone: Edward of Salisbury; Edric's wife from Arnulf de Hesdin, formerly Edric; Erlechin from the king.

    Aisi: Reinbald the Priest. 2 mills (with Latton).

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    Fifield Bavant
    Fifhide: Alfred of Marlborough, and Ralph and Wulfmer, the pre-Conquest holder, from him.
    On the River Ebble; Norman church, one of the smallest in Wiltshire.

    Figheldean / Fisgledene: King's land, formerly Earl Aubrey; Harding the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Mill.
    Near a Roman building site; Old Mill.

    Fisherton Anger
    Fiscartone: Haimo from Earl Hugh. Mill.
    Old mill.

    Fisherton de la Mere
    Fisertone: Roger de Courseulles. Mill.
    On the River Wylye.

    Viteletone: Rainer from Robert FitzGerald. Mill.
    On the River Avon.

    Fonthill Gifford
    Fontel: Berengar Giffard. Mill.
    Wooded; Fonthill House and a deer park.

    Fistesberie: Rainer from Robert FitzGerald.
    Fosbury Manor.

    Febefonte: Abbess of Wilton. 2 mills.
    Norman church; World War I army training area with regimental badges cut into the hillside.

    Foxelege: Roger de Berkeley. Mill.
    Foxley Manor; Foxley Green.

    Ferst- / Fristesfeld / Cristesfeld / Fistesferie:

    Fifhide: Edward from Bishop of Winchester.

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    Gardone: Malmesbury Abbey. 2 mills.
    Tudor manor house, home of George Washington's ancestors; Garsdon Wood.

    Gare: Robert Marshall.
    St. Joan à Gore's Cross and Farm.

    Graf / Grastone: Hugh from William d'Eu; Richard Sturmy; Robert FitzRalph; Ralph de Hauville.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Grafton; Grafton Downs.

    Gram / Gremestede: Herbert from Waleran Hunter; Cola and Aiulf's son from the king. Mill.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Grimstead.

    Gretelintone: Glastonbury Abbey; Bishop of Coutances; Urso.
    Near Fosse Way, a Roman road.

    Grendewelle: Hugh and Gerald from Humphrey de L'Isle.
    Groundwell Farm.

    Grovely (Wood)
    Grauelinges: the King's Foresters from the king.
    Huge wood; Grovely earthworks, an ancient settlement, nearby, ruined Grovely Castle.

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    Hame: Bishop of Winchester before and after 1066 and William from him.
    Georgian manor house.

    Hantone: Ranulf from Humphrey de L'Isle; Robert FitzRolf.

    Hanindone / dine: Glastonbury Abbey and Robert from the abbey. 2 mills.
    Hannington Hall, built 1653.

    Hardenehus: Thorkell from Arnulf de Hesdin.
    Now a suburb of Chippenham.

    Haredone: Richard Sturmy and Robert from him.
    Harding Farm.

    He(o)rtham: Edward from Earl Hugh; Thorketel from Edward of Salisbury; Hugh from Humphrey de L'Isle; Godric and Alfhild from the king. Small wood.
    Hartham Park, a Georgian house designed by James Wyatt.

    Haseberie: Reginald from Miles Crispin; Nigel the Doctor; Chipping, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Church.
    Well-restored Tudor manor house.

    Edintone: Edward of Salisbury, formerly Earl Harold.

    Hestebe: King's land with Alfward the Priest holding the church.
    Empress Maud, Henry II's mother, is said to have had a palace here.

    Hiw(e)i: Malmesbury Abbey; Ralph de Mortimer.

    Wrde: King's land; Ralph the priest. Church.
    Town. A battle in 1645 left its mark on the church, where a Cromwellian cannonball is preserved.

    High Deverill
    Devrel: Edward of Salisbury and Aethelhelm from him; Osbern Giffard. Mill.
    Formerly a village.

    Adhelmertone / Helmerin / Helmertune: Robert from Arnulf de Hesdin, Ralph from William d'Eu; Aelfric Small from the king. 2 mills.
    On Cowage Brook; Hilmarton House.

    Helperintone / -itune / Helprintone: Ansger Cook; William Cornelian; Godwin Clack, and Ealdhild, from the king.
    Large, by Hilperton Marsh on the outskirts of Trowbridge.

    Humi(n)tone: Osbern the Priest.
    On the River Ebble; Homington House on Homington Downs.

    Horning(es)ham: Agenwulf, formerly his father, from the canons of Lisieux; Osmund from Alfred of Marlborough. Mill.
    Mill Farm on a stream. The Meeting House, probably the oldest dissenting chapel in England, was built by Sir John Thynne in 1566, for Scottish Presbyterian workers who were building Longleat at the time.

    Iwis: Richard Sturmy.
    By Huish Hill where a prehistoric village was found.

    Hunlavintone: Ralph de Mortimer, formerly Earl Harold.
    Disused airfield.

    Hurdcott (in Barford St. Martin)
    Hardicote: Humphrey de L'Isle. Mill.
    Hurdcott House and Upper Hurdcott Farm on the River Nadder.

    Hurdcott (in Winterbourne Earls)
    Herdicote: Waleran Hunter. ½ mill.
    Tiny; on the River Bourne.

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    Eunestetone: Glastonbury Abbey before and after 1066.
    On the River Bourne.

    Imemerie: Ralph de Mortimer.
    Desolate; within an army battle training area; long barrow nearby.

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    Chivele: Arnulf de Hesdin. 2 mills.
    Pretty; Keevil Manor, built 1580, where Ann Beach was imprisoned by her father for 2 years for falling in love with a curate.

    Chenet(e): Nicholas, Thurstan, Wulfgeat, Leofric and Wulfmer from Alfred of Marlborough; Richard from Waleran Hunter; St. Mary of Winchester from Hugh de Lasne. Mill.
    Now the village of East Kennett, where Stone Age skeletons and Bronze Age pottery have been found, and West Kennett, a hamlet by West Kennett Long Barrow.

    Chelmetone / Cilemetone: Serlo de Burcy.

    Kingston Deverill
    Devrel: Canons of Lisieux.
    Sarcen stones mark the spot where Alfred met the forces from Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire on his march against the Danes in 878.

    Kington Langley
    Langhelei: Glastonbury Abbey, before and after 1066.
    Langley Gate Farm.

    Kington St. Michael
    Chintone: Roger from Ralph de Mortimer. Mill.
    Large; Priory Farm, with the remains of a Benedictine priory, founded 1155.

    Wenistetone: Harding, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Mill.
    Knighton Down long barrow.

    Cunuche: Alfward Colling and Leofgeat (a woman who makes and made the king and queen's gold fringe) from the king. 2 mills.
    On the River Wylye; Knook Mill Farm.

    Chenvel: King's land; Abbess of Wilton.
    Now 2 villages, West Knoyle and East Knoyle, birthplace of Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723).

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    Lacham: Ralph from William d'Eu. 2 mills.
    Lackham College of Agriculture.

    Lacoc(h): Edward of Salisbury; Alfred of Marlborough. 2 mills, vineyard.
    One of England's most beautiful abbeys, founded as an Augustinian nunnery in 1229. W.H. Fox Talbot, father of photography, carried out his experiments here, in 1839.

    Langeford: Otho, formerly his father, from the king. Mill.
    16th century Landford Manor.

    Langforde: Glastonbury Abbey; Edward of Salisbury and Leidhard from him, Abbess of Wilton; Count of Mortain; Waleran Hunter and Ernburgis from him. 3 mills.
    Now 2 villages, Little and Steeple Langford, and a hamlet, Hanging Langford with an Iron Age camp.

    Langley Burrell
    Langefel: Burghelm from Edward of Salisbury; Wulfwy, the pre-Conquest holder.
    On the outskirts of Chippenham.

    Latone: Reinbald the Priest. 2 mills (with Eysey).

    Lauvrecestohes / Lavertestoche: Abbess of Wilton; Saeric from the king. Mill.
    Suburb of Salisbury.

    Laventone: Robert Marshall; Robert Blunt. 3 mills.
    Now 2 villages, Market Lavington, once a market town, and West Lavington.

    Ledentone: Abbess of Shaftesbury. 2 mills.
    Iron Age earthworks, Liddington Castle; Elizabethan manor house.

    Litelcote: Thorketel from Miles Crispin.
    On Cowage Brook.

    Littleton Drew
    Liteltone: Robert from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.

    Littleton Pannell
    Liteltone: William d'Audrieu from William d'Eu.
    2 houses, à Becket's, and the 18th century manor house.

    Locherige: Durand of Gloucester.
    On the River Kennet, Lockeridge House, Georgian.

    Longbridge Deverill
    Devrel: Glastonbury Abbey. 4 mills.
    Now 2 villages, Monkton and Longbridge Deverill. In 1665 Sir James Thynne of Longleat founded the Thynne almhouses at Longbridge Deverill; the church at Monkton Deverill is dedicated to 'Alfred, King of the West Saxons' who 'camped the night in the Deverill valley before giving the Danes a sound beating at the great Battle of Ethandune' in 878.

    Langeford: Wulfgeat Hunter from the king. Mill.
    Longford Castle in Longford Park, built in the late 1500s by Sir Thomas Gorges. Capability Brown laid out the park.

    Lochintone: Herman from Durand of Gloucester, formerly Earl Harold; Edward from Ralph de Mortimer.
    Luckington Court, once called Peach House, was one of King John's hunting boxes.

    Litlegarsele: Edward of Salisbury.
    Ruined keep of a castle built by the Normans on the site of a Saxon stronghold. Queen Maud sought shelter here when fleeing from King Stephen.

    Lus Hill
    Rusteselle: Edward of Salisbury and Howard from him; Gunter from Humphrey de L'Isle. 2 mills.

    Lydiard Millicent
    Lidiarde: King's land. Mill.

    Lydiard Tregoze
    Lediar: Alfred of Marlborough.
    Lydiard Park, home of the St. John family for 4 centuries, now open to the public.

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    Wintreburne: Amesbury Church; Matthew de Mortagne.
    A nunnery once stood at Maddington Farm.

    Maiden Bradley
    Bradelie: Walter Giffard from the king. 2 mills.
    Priory Farm on the site of a 12th century leper hospital, later an Augustinian priory.

    Ma(l)mesberie: King's land, Malmesbury Abbey; Glastonbury Abbey and various landholders. Mill.
    Town, a weaving centre until the 18th century. King Aethelstan, who founded the hospital, was buried here 1000 years ago; the Normans built Malmesbury Abbey on the spot.

    Maniford / Maneforde: Winchester Abbey; Almaric of Dreux; Grimbald Goldsmith from the king. 2 mills.
    Now 3 villages, Manningford Abbots, Bohune and Bruce, on the River Avon.

    Manetune: Reginald from Miles Crispin.
    Pretty; on the River Kennet.

    Meresdene: Hugh FitzBaldric and Walter, his son-in-law, from him. Mill.
    Marden Circle, a Stone Age earthwork; mill.

    Merleberge: King's land; William Beaufour. Church.
    Town later called after 'Maerl's Barrow', an ancient burial place in the grounds of Marlborough College. St. Mary's Church is Norman; Cardinal Wolsey was ordained in the other church, St. Peter's, in 1498.

    Mar / Mertone: Odolina from the king; Ralph and Thorbert. Vines.

    Melchesham: King's land, formerly Earl Harold, with Rumold the priest holding the church; Liseman from the king. 8 mills.
    Industrial. St. Michael's Church has Norman features.

    Mera / Mere: Godric Hunter, Wulfric and Wulfnoth from the king.
    Castle Hill, site of a medieval fortress. Its terraces were supposedly built by the Romans for vines.

    Middleton (Lilbourne)

    Milenhalle: Edward from Glastonbury Abbey. Mill.
    On the River Kennet.

    Meleford: Jocelyn from Humphrey de L'Isle (half in the king's forest); Wulfgeat from the king.
    Now a suburb of Salisbury; medieval double bridge over the River Bourne.

    Mildestone: Earl Roger and Thorold from him; Robert and Robert FitzGerald. Mill.
    On the River Avon, birthplace of the politician and writer Joseph Addison (1672-1719).

    Monkton Farleigh
    Farlege: Brictric, his brother from him and Aelfric from the king.
    Tudor manor house on the site of an ancient priory.

    Mordone / tune: Albert from Alfred of Marlborough; Thurstan from Gilbert de Breteuil; Robert FitzRolf.
    District of Swindon.

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    Nigra Avra / Nigravre: King's land, formerly Earl Harold, with Nigel the Doctor holding the church; Durand from Nigel the Doctor; Hervey. Derelict church with damaged roof, 3 mills.
    On a Roman building site; All Saints Church, originally Saxon.

    Niteltone: Glastonbury Abbey. 3 mills.
    A Roman temple was built on top of Nettleton Tumulus, a long green mound with 3 stones.

    Newton Tony
    Newentone: Alfred of Marlborough. Mill.
    On the River Bourne; named after the de Tosny family, 13th century lords of the manor.

    North Newnton
    Newetone: Abbess of Wilton before and after 1066. Mill.
    On the River Avon.

    North Tidworth
    Todew(o)rde / Todowrde: Bishop of Bayeux and Odo from him; Edward of Salisbury; Croc.
    Town near Sidbury Hill, an ancient fort. Now dominated by military barracks.

    North Wraxall
    Werochesalle: Godfrey from Edward of Salisbury. 2 mills.
    Pretty; in woods.

    Nortone: Malmesbury Abbey. Mill.
    Manor house.

    Norton Bavant
    Nortone: Alfred of Marlborough. 2 mills.
    By the River Wylye, on a Roman villa site. Scratchbury Camp, a fort built c.100BC is nearby, with traces of a smaller camp (c.2000BC) within it.

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    Wochesie: Brictric from the king. Mill.
    Norwood Castle, a group of earthworks; Oaksey Moor Farm.

    Odestoche: Brictric from the king. Mill.
    17th century manor house on the River Ebble.

    Ocheburne / borne: King's land; Miles Crispin, formerly Earl Harold; Harding; the pre-Conquest holder and Thorkell from the king. Mill.
    Now 2 villages, Ogbourne St. Andrew and St. George on the River Og; many ancient earthworks.

    Orc(h)estone: Hugh and William from Edward of Salisbury; Osbern Giffard.
    Named for its abundance of Orcheston grass.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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