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  • Timeline: The Domesday Decade

    Alliance between Pope and the Normans in Sicily.
    Building Starts on St. Sernin, Toulouse, a large pilgrim church.
    Building in Romanesque style, starts on Lund Cathedral, Sweden.

    Alexios I grants Venice extraordinary commercial privileges for its help against the Normans.
    Building starts on Fecamp Abbey.

    Henry VI is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope.
    Normans dissolve Rome
    La Grand Chartreuse is founded by St. Bruno.
    Salerno Cathedral built by Robert Guiscard.
    Cloisters at the abbey of St. Domingo de Silos with the finest Romanesque sculpture in Spain.

    William I collects information for
    Almoravid invades Spain and defeats Alfonso of Castile.
    Mi-Yuan, the Chinese painter, is born.

    Odo of Bayeux rebels unsuccessfully and is banished from England.
    Bologna University founded.
    Urban II becomes Pope.
    Cluny Abbey is Rebuilt.

    Inge I becomes King of Sweden
    Henry VI campaigns in Italy and defeats Pope.
    Building starts on Zurich Cathedral.
    St. Bernard of Clairvaux born.
    Chinese build a water driven clock.

    El Cid is expelled from Castile.
    Robert Griscard invades the Balkans.
    Planning and building starts on St. Paul's cathedral in London, destroyed in the Great Fire of London, 1666.

    Alexios defeats the Normans at Larissa.
    Ely Cathedral rebuilt.
    St. Etienne in Nevers is built as a Cluniac Abbey.

    Building starts on Mainz Cathedral.
    Robert Guiscard dies; Norman attacks on Byzantium cease.
    Ssu-ma Kuang published chronological history of China.
    Pope Gregory dies in Salerno.

    William I dies; William Rufus becomes king of England.
    Nizam al-Mulk grants hereditary fiefdoms within the Caliphate.

    Henry IV marries the Princess of Kiev.
    Pope Urban II takes Rome from Henry IV.
    David the Restorer becomes King of verdana.
    Pope Urban II makes re-conquest of Holy Land - The First Crusade.
    Building starts on Gloucester Abbey.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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