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    Wadgata: Roger Bigot and Wihtmar and freemen from him.
    Part of Felixstowe.

    Altera Walingafella / Waldingafella / -gefelda / Walingafella: Roger de Poitou; Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066; Richard FitzGilbert and Elinant from him; Ranulph Peverel; Aubrey de Vere; Ralph brother of Ilger. 1 and one third churches, 100 sheep.
    Now 2 adjoining villages, Great and Little Waldingfield.

    Minima Waldringafelda / Wald(r)ingafelda: Robert Malet's mother; Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066; Ralph brother of Ilger. Mill. 100 sheep.
    Small quay on the Deben estuary, used by small sailing boats; barrow on the nearby heath.

    Walepola: Count Alan. Church.
    Church with a Norman doorway.

    Walsham le Willow(s)
    Wal(e)sam / Washam: Hubert from Robert Malet's mother; Abbot of St. Edmund's and Robert Blunt from him; Robert Blunt. church.
    Attractive, with a stream running through its centre.

    Waletuna: Roger Bigot and Norman, the pre-Conquesy holder, from him; Abbot of Ely and Hervey Beruarius from him; Hugh de Montfort. Church, mill. 146 sheep.
    Merged with Felixstowe in 1895; submerged ruins of a Roman fortress. It may be the site of St. Felix's See of Dommoc.

    Wangford (near Brandon)
    Wamforda: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066; Richard FitzGilbert. Church, 7 beehives. 17 beasts, 26 pigs, 413 sheep.

    Wangford (near Southwold)
    Wankeforda: Ralph Baynard. Mill.

    Wantesdana / -dena: Count Alan and Hubert, Gilbert, Gilbert de Wiscant and William de Malavilla from him; Robert Malet; Norman from Roger Bigot; Roger de Poitou; Morwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from Abbot of Ely. Church.
    Area on the edge of an air-base; partly Norman church; hall, c.1550.

    Wate(s)felda / Watlesfelda: Earl Hugh; Abbot of St. Edmund's and Rork from him; Roger d'Auberville; Hugh de Montfort; Ranulph Peverel; Berard from Robert FitzCorbucion. Church.
    Attractive; pottery. The clay here has attracted potters since Roman days; 25 Roman kilns were found nearby.

    Wecesham: Richard FitzGilbert; Jarnacot from Eudo, FitzSpirwic.
    Near airfield; moated hall.

    Huelfiham / Telueteham: King's land, in the charge of Picot; Abbot of St. Edmund's and Ernulf and Robert from him. 2 churches.
    Now 2 districts, Great and Little Welnetham, near a Roman road.

    Wenham: Ermiot from Count Alan; Bishop of Bayeux and Roger Bigot from him; Robert FitzCorbucion and Girard from him. Church, mill. 75 pigs.
    Now 2 villages, Great and Little Wenham. Little Wenham Hall, c.1270-80, is one of the earliest brick-built houses.

    Wenadestuna: Count Alan. Mill (with Thorrington).

    Westrefelda: Norman from Count Alan; Humphrey from Robert Malet; Roger de Poitou; Hugh de Montfort; William from Geoffrey de Mandeville; Roger de Raismes and Girold and Ernold from him; Walter the Deacon; the Vavassors; Hervey, the pre-Conquest holder, from Abbot of Ely. church. 100 sheep.

    Westor(p) / Westtorp / Westurp: Hubert from Robert Malet; Abbot of St. Edmund's; Peter de Valognes; Geoffrey from Eudo FitzSpirwic; Robert Blunt. 5 beehives.
    Moat from the old hall (demolished 1764), spanned by a 3-arched medieval bridge.

    Wesletuna / Westeldestuna / -lentuna: Robert Malet's mother and Gilbert Blunt and Fucred from her; Robert Blunt. 2 churches, 2 beehives. 20 pigs, 24 goats.
    Duckpond; near the coast; surrounded by heath.

    Westlea: Abbot of St. Edmund's and Peter from him; Richard FitzGilbert. 2 churches, two-thirds of a mill.

    Westuna: King's land before and after 1066, kept by Roger Bigot and William de Noyers; Robert de Vals from Roger Bigot; Hugh de Montfort; Geoffrey de Mandeville; Robert de Verli. 2 churches, mill. 400 herrings.
    Church with a Norman window.

    West Stow
    Stowa: Abbot of St. Edmund's. Church.
    Heathland; church with a Norman doorway. A pagan Saxon village, recently excavated, was established c.400-650AD on an island in the marsh; partly Norman church.

    Watdena / Wederdena: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066 and Ralph and Ernulf from him; Hugh de Montfort; Walter the Deacon. Church.
    Farming; moated site.

    Wederingaseta / Weringheseta: King's land, kept by Godric; Abbot of St. Edmund's and Godwin from him; Ranulph Peverel and Ralph de Savigny from Abbot of Ely. Church. 107 sheep.
    Attractive. Its 16th century rector, Richard Hakluyt, edited and wrote Navigation, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation (1589).

    Wcibrada / Weibrada / -brede: Godric from the king; Robert Malet's mother and Humphrey and Walter from her; Roger de Poitou; Abbot of St. Edmund's; Bishop of Thetford. church, 4 mills, 4 beehives. 30 pigs.
    On a Roman road; church with a Norman round tower.

    Watefelda / -fella / Watesfelda: Count of Mortain; Hugh de Hosdene from Roger Bigot; Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066 and Berard from him; Richard FitzGilbert; Robert Blunt.
    2 ancient moated houses.

    Huepstede: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066 and Ralph from him. Church. 18 beasts, 30 pigs, 100 sheep.
    Late 15th century Manston Hall; late 15th century church with traces of Norman work.

    Werust(ed)a: Furic and Alvaric the priest from Count Alan; Swein of Essex. Saltpan.
    On the outskirts of Ipswich.

    Wettingaham: Roger de Poitou. Beehive. 40 goats.
    Now Whittingham Green; on a Roman road.

    Widituna: The Vavassors. Church.
    Suburb of Ipswich.

    Wicham: Richard FitzGilbert.

    Wickham Market
    Wik(h)am: Count Alan; Robert Malet's mother; Norman from Roger Bigot; Bishop of Bayeux and Ralph de Savigny from him; Geoffrey de Mandeville; Ranulph from Hervey de Bourges.
    Small town, originally a settlement beside a Roman road.

    Wickham Skeith
    Wic(c)ham / Wik(h)am: King's land, kept by Godric; Robert Malet's mother; Roger de Poitou; Orger the Abbot's reeve and Alvric from the Abbot of St. Edmund's. Church.

    Wilebey / bi: Loernic from Robert Malet's mother; Bishop of Thetford. Church (with Chickering).
    15th century Wilby Hall surrounded by a moat.

    Wileford(a): Robert Malet's mother and Aedi from her; Norman from Roger Bigot.
    Wilford Bridge on the outskirts of Woodbridge.

    Well / Willingaham: Roger Bigot; Hugh de Montfort. Church. 20 goats.

    Willaluesham: Albert from Roger de Poitou. Church.
    A few houses; small church.

    Wighefelda / Wineberga: Walter son of Grip, Robert de Glanville and Loernic from Robert Malet's mother; Bishop of Thetford; Abbot of Ely and Roger Bigot from him. Church.
    Church built by Thomas Wingfield for his college of priests in the 14th century.

    Winestuna: Earl Hugh; William Gulafra from Robert Malet; Bishop of Bayeux; Abbot of Ely. Church. 25 pigs.

    Wis(s)eta: Count Alan. 2 churches, 1 with a monk's chapel under it.
    Church with a Norman tower and window. Wissett Lodge was rented by Duncan Grant, who entertained members of the Bloomsbury group there.


    Weresdel: Robert Malet's mother.
    Withersdale Street on the Waveney marshes.

    Vrdresfelda / Wedresfelda: Richard FitzGilbert and Pagan, Goddard and Wilard from him; Wimer, the pre-Conquest holder, from William de Warenne. 6 beehives. 45 pigs, 20 beasts, 123 sheep, 57 goats.
    Moated site.

    Witdesham: Walter the Deacon. 7 beehives. 8 beasts, 68 pigs, 80 sheep.

    Witeskeou: Ralph Baynard. Church, mill.
    Church with Norman work.

    Udebriga / -brige / -bryge / Wdebride / -brige / Wudebrige / -brvge: Count Alan; Humphrey and Gilbert from Robert Malet's mother; Roger Bigot and William de Nemore from him; Roger de Poitou; Robert Malet from Abbot of Ely; William son of Sahuala from Geoffrey de Mandeville; Roger de Raismes. Church.
    Attractive small town, a yachting centre with a weatherboarded tide-mill and a market place.

    Wlfpeta: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066. Church.
    Large; on a Roman road; many fine old buildings.

    Hulferestuna / Uluerestuna: Aluric the priest from Count Alan; Robert Gernon. Church. 12 beasts, 30 pigs, 100 sheep, 36 goats.
    Church rebuilt by Sir Gilbert Scott in the 19th century.

    Wridewella: Abbot of St. Edmund's. Church, mill.
    Hall in King's Forest, church with Norman features.

    Wer / Warlingaham: King's land, kept by Roger Bigot with Roger de Vallibus holding church from the king; Earl Hugh; Abbot of St. Edmund's; Hugh de Montfort. church.

    Wirilintona: Frodo the Abbot's brother. Church, mill, 2 fisheries.
    Large; overlooking the fens.

    Wyrlingwortha: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066. Church. 2 horses, 8 beasts, 24 pigs, 33 goats.

    Word(h)am / Wortham: Robert Malet's mother; Ralph de Beaufour and Richard de St. Clair from him; Abbot of St. Edmund's; Aubrey de Vere. 2 churches. 20 goats.
    Church with England's largest Norman round tower, partly ruined. The Dick Inn commemorates the fall of Tumble-down-Dick, Cromwell's son.

    Vratinga / Wratinga / Waracatinge: Abbot of St. Edmund's; Richard FitzGilbert and Ulmar and Pagan from him. 2 churches, 2 mills, 6 beehives. 13 beasts, 48 pigs, 100 sheep.
    Now 2 hamlets, Great Wratting, and Little Wratting, with what may be a late Saxon church.

    Uuereteham / Wretham: Robert de Petro Ponte and William FitzRainard from William de Warenne. 2 churches, 5 beehives. 13 beasts, 113 sheep, 20 goats.
    Large; home of the Brewsters, who made this an important centre of Puritanism.

    Wica: Peter de Valognes; Robert Blunt. mill. 100 sheep.
    Wyken Hall; Wyken Wood.

    Wiverdestuna / -t(h)estuna / Wleurthestuna: King's land, kept by Godric; Hubert from Robert Malet; Abbot of St. Edmund's; Hervey from Hugh de Montfort; Richard from Hubert de Monchensey; R. Ovethel from Robert Blunt. Church.
    Scattered; 2 moated sites.

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    Iachele(i)a / Iacheslea: Hubert from Robert Malet's mother; Bishop of Thetford and Othem from him.
    On a Roman road.

    Gokesford / Iokesfort: Roger Bigot and Ayleward the king's reeve from him; Roger de Tosny. Called the 'garden of Suffolk'.
    The village street was once a Roman road.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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