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    Abbas Combe
    Cumbe: Shaftesbury Church. 7 cows.

    Abbot's Leigh
    Lege / Lega: Thurstan, formerly his father.
    Near Avon Gorge Nature Reserve; manor house.

    Tetesberge / berga / Tegesberia: Hugh from William de Mohun, formerly 6 thanes.

    terra Olta: Robert from Roger de Courseulles.
    Aisholt Wood.

    Aucome / coma: William de Mohun. 200 sheep.
    Part of Minehead.

    Alduic / uica: Walter from Serlo de Burcy. Mill.
    Farm; manor house.

    Ailgi / Aili: Warmund from William de Mohun.

    Aldedeford: Ansger from Robert de Mortain. Mill.

    Alfagestone / tona: Ranulf from Alfred d'Epaignes.
    Alfoxton Park, an 18th century house, now a hotel.

    Alentone / tona: Ralph Crooked Hands from Glastonbury Church. 3 mills (with Hornblotton and Lamyatt).

    Aller (in Carhampton)
    Alre / Alra: Ogis from Roger de Courseulles.
    Farm, below Aller Hill.

    Aller (near Langport)
    Alre / Alra: Ralph de Limesy.
    Farm. The Danish king Guthrun was converted to Christianity on Aller Moor.

    Aller (in Sampford Brett)
    Alre / Alra:

    Alurencote / Alueronecota: Durand from William de Mohun.

    Alresford / forda: Ralph de Limesy. Mill.
    Attractive; pack-horse bridge.

    Alwarditone: Ralph de Conteville from Walter de Douai.
    Now 2 hamlets, Chapel and Stone Allerton.

    Edmundesworde / worda:

    Alsistune / Alesistuna: Rademar from Walter de Douai.
    Adjoining Highbridge.

    Alston Sutton
    Alnodestone / tona / tuna: Hubert from Walter de Douai.

    Alwin's Land: Lost.

    Ederesige: Godwin from Glastonbury Church.
    Now Nyland.

    Almundesford / Almondesford: Wulfric from Walter de Douai. Mill.
    Near Castle Cary.

    Ape / Appelie / Ape / Appeleia: Bretel from Count of Mortain; Drogo from Baldwin of Exeter.
    Cothay Manor nearby.

    Aisse / Aissa: Bretel and Ansger from Count of Mortain. 2 mills.
    On the Somerset / Devon border.

    Aisecome / coma: Herlwin from Bishop of Coutances. 60 goats.
    Ashcombe Park in Weston-super-Mare.

    Aissecote / cota: Walter de Douai and Roger de Courseulles from Glastonbury Church.

    Aiselle / Aisselle: Mauger from Count of Mortain. 70 pigs.
    Partly Norman church.

    Essentone / tona: Vitalis from Roger de Courseulles.
    16th century manor house.

    Ash Priors
    Aissa: Roger Arundel.
    Ash Priors Common.

    Ascwei: Hugh from Roger de Courseulles.
    On the River Barle.

    Escewiche / Escwica: Bath Church.
    Burial urns in nearby Beacon Hill Barrows.

    Adelingi / Adeliniensis: Count of Mortain; Roger de Courseulles and Ralph de Limesy from Athelney Church.
    Formerly an island that was a stronghold of King Alfred but now rises above drained moors. Burrow Mump, site of a 12th century fortification.

    Avena: Ralph from William de Mohun. Mill.
    Farm; on the River Avill.

    Aissebrige / Axebruge / Alsebruge: King's land.
    Market town with timbered and Georgian houses. <.blockquote>

    images/bar.jpg - 1374 Bytes

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    Babacha / Babakari / Babecari / Babbacari: Robert FitzIvo from Count of Mortain; Humphrey the Chamberlain.

    Babingtone / Babbig / Babbingtona: Azelin from Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 200 sheep.
    18th century Babington House and church.

    Bacoile / Bacoila: Fulcran and Nigel from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.
    Manor house; Backwell Quarries.

    Bagewerre / werra: Fulcwin from Walter de Douai.
    Manor house.

    Bageberge / berga / Bagaberga / Baweberga / Bagueberga: William de Mohun; Ralph from Ralph Pagnell.
    Now the village of West Bagborough and hamlet of East Bagborough; church in the grounds of Bagborough House.

    Bagley (in Stoke Pero)
    Deserted site.

    Baltunesberge / berga: Glastonbury Church. Mill.
    Birthplace of St. Dunstan (924-88).

    Banwelle / Banuela: Bishop of Wells and Serlo de Burcy, Ralph Crooked Hands, Roghard, Fastrad, Bofa and Alfry from him, formerly Earl Harold. 3 mills.
    19th century 'cottage orne' and park, 'The Caves'. Remains of prehistoric mammals were found in Bone Caves on nearby Banwell Hill.

    Barintone / tona: Roger de Courseulles.
    Thatched cottages; 16th century manor house.

    Barrow (near Castle Cary)
    Berrowene: Bretel from Count of Mortain; Ralph from Walter de Douai.
    Now 2 villages, North and South Barrow.

    Barrow Gurney
    Berue / Berua: Nigel de Gournai-en-Brai from Bishop of Wells. Mill.
    Named after its Domesday holder; 16th century manor house.

    Barton St. David
    Bertone / tuna / tona: Norman from Roger de Courseulles; Edmund FitzPayne from the king. 2 mills.
    Overlooking Glastonbury Tor.

    Batecumba / comba: Roger de Courseulles and Azelin from Glastonbury Church, formerly Alfhild, the Abbot's mother. Mill. 150 sheep.
    The 'raging Batcombeites', Puritans who fought in the Civil War, are commemorated in Bruton parish register.

    Bada / Bade: Before 1066 it paid tax for 20 hides when the shire paid tax. The King has 64 burgesses who pay 4; 90 burgesses of other men pay 60s there. The King has 6 derelict houses. This Borough, with the said BATHEASTON, pays 60 at face value and 1 gold mark. Besides this, the mint pays 100s. Edward the Sheriff pays 11 of the third penny of this Borough. From this Borough 1 house has been taken away. Hugh the Interpreter holds it; value 2s. Of the third penny (of) ILCHESTER William of Mohun pays 6 at 20 (pence) to the ora; of MILBORNE (Port) 20s; of BRUTON 20s; of LANGPORT 10s; of AXBRIDGE 10s; of FROME 5s.
    City, originally called Aquae Sulis by the Romans, after its mineral springs. The See of Wells was transferred here in 1088; fine 18th century architecture.

    Hantone / Hamtona: Hugh the Interpreter and Colgrim, an Englishman from Bath Church.
    Close to Bath. The quarries on Bathampton Downs provided stone for many houses in Bath.

    Badeheltone / tona: Nigel from William de Mohun. 50 goats.
    Partly 17th century farm.

    Estone / tona: King's land; Walter Hussey from Bath Church; Hugolin the Interpreter. 2 mills. 150 sheep.
    Suburb of Bath.

    Forde / Forda: Bath Church. Mill.
    On the outskirts of Bath, by the River Avon.

    Wiche / Wica: Bishop of Wells. Mill. 250 sheep.
    Part of Bath.

    Bagetrepe / Bagatrepa: Rainward from Walter de Douai. Mill. 20 pigs.
    Ruins of a 19th century 'castle'.

    Bechintone / tona: Roger [Bushell] holds BECHINTONE himself. Aethelfrith held it before 1066; it paid tax for 10 hides. Land for 10 ploughs. In lordship 2 ploughs; 5 hides and 3 virgates. 9 villagers and 7 smallholders have 6 ploughs and 4 hides and 1 virgate. A mill which pays 20s; meadow, 12 acres; pasture, 8 acres; woodland, 100 acres. 24 pigs; 100 sheep; 50 goats. Value when he acquired it, 10; now 6.
    16th century houses; Birthplace of Thomas Beckington (1390-1465), Bishop of Bath and Wells and secretary to Henry IV.

    Bere / Bera: Reginald de Vautortes from Count of Mortain.

    Bera: Leofa, the pre-Conquest holder. Mill.
    Manor farm.

    Beletone / Belgetone / tona: Alfred from Count Eustace. Mill.
    Adjoining Pensford on the River Chew.

    Berchelei / lec: Robert from Roger Arundel. Mill.
    17th century manor house; Georgian house.

    Bichehalle / halda: William de Lestre from Count of Mortain.

    Bichecome / comma: Richard from William de Mohun.
    On the River Avill.

    Bishop's Lydeard
    Lediart / Liediart / Lidegar: William de Mohun. Mill.

    Bicheurde / Bischeurda / Biscopewrde / wrda: Herlwin and Azelin from Bishop of Coutances.
    Church with a Poussin painting of the Madonna.

    Blackford (near Wincanton)
    Blacheford / Blachafort: Alwaker from Glastonbury Church; Alfward from Thurstan FitzRolf.
    Thatched cottages; medieval dovecote.

    Blachemore / Blachamora: Ansketel from Roger de Courseulles.

    Blachedone / dona: Serlo de Burcy. 2 mills.
    Near Blagdon Lake Reservoir.

    Blachesale / ssala:

    Bledone / dona: Bishop of Winchester. 250 sheep.
    Near beautiful Bleadon Hill.

    Bosintone / tuna / tona: Ralph de Limesy.
    Coastal; Bossington Hill.

    Bradford (on Tone)
    Bradeforde / forda: Alfred the Butler from Count of Mortain. Mill.
    On the River Tone; 2 originally 14th century bridges.

    Bradenie / neia: Rainward from Walter de Douai.

    Brede / Bredde / Bredene / Brade: Mauger and Drogo from Count of Mortain; Harding from the king.
    Now North Bradon; South Bradon farm.

    Bratton (in Minehead)
    Bratone / tona: Roger from William de Mohun. 12 cattle, 60 goats.
    On the outskirts of Minehead.

    Bratton Seymour
    Broctune / tuna: Gerard from Walter de Douai.
    Bratton Hill.

    Brien: Walter de Douai.
    Holiday resort. Brean Sands were noted for shipwrecks.

    Briweham: William de Mohun. 2 mills. 300 sheep, 22 wild mares.
    Now 2 villages, North and South Brewham; Brewham House.

    Brugie: Walter de Douai. Mill.
    Industrial town, port in the Middle Ages.

    Bradewei: Mauger from Count of Mortain.
    Called after the road leading to the medieval forest of Neroche.

    Bradewrde / euda: William de Mohun.

    Brochelie / leia: Aldred, the pre-Conquest holder.
    Brockley Court manor house, with a farm. A nature trail leads through Brockley Combe.

    Broford / Brofort: William from Roger de Courseulles.

    Brompton Ralph
    Burnetone / tuna / tona: Thorgils from William de Mohun. Mill.
    On the edge of the Brendon Hills; Elworthy Barrows, an Iron Age hill-fort.

    Brompton Regis
    Brunetone / tona: Count of Mortain from the king and Hugh de Vautortes from him, formerly Countess Gytha. 2 mills.
    King's Brompton Forest nearby.

    Brunfelle / fella: William de Mohun. 155 sheep.
    Fyne Court is part of Somerset Trust for Nature Conservation.

    Brune: Durand from William de Mohun. 190 sheep, 44 goats.
    Court Farms on the Domesday site.

    Brigeford / fort / Bricefort / Brucheford: Mauger from Count of Mortain. Mill.
    17th century hospital.

    Brauetone / Briuetona / Briutona / Briweton / tone / tona / Brumetone: King's land, formerly King Edward. 6 mills.
    Small town on the River Brue.

    Brunetone / tona: Herbert from Roger de Courseulles.
    Mainly 16th century, Brympton House, with a church and a dower house.

    Buckland Dinham
    Bochelande / land / landa: Dunn, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Mill.

    Buckland St. Mary
    Bochelande / land / landa: Brictric, Wulfward and Harding from the king.
    In the Black Down Hills.

    Bernet: Wife of Wulfward from the king.
    Manor house; gabled farm.

    Burnham on Sea
    Burneham: Walter de Douai.
    Holiday resort. The church contains the remains of an altarpiece carved by Grinling Gibbons for Whitehall Palace.

    Budicombe / comba: Fulcran from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.
    Farm near Blagdon Lake.

    Bodechelie / Bodecaleia / Boduchelei / Boduccheleia: Roger de Courseulles from Glastonbury Church; Count of Mortain; formerly Winegot the Priest.
    Butleigh Court; monument on nearby Windmill Hill to Admiral Sir Samuel Hood (1724-1816).

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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