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  • Nottinghamshire A-E

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    Alboltune: William Peverel. Church.
    Part of West Bridgford.

    Alvretun / Alvriton: Mauger from Walter d'Aincourt; Ilbert de Lacy.

    Aneslei: Richard from Ralph FitzHubert.
    Ruined 14th century church; motte and bailey; Annesley Forest. Annesley Hall, home of Mary Chaworth, Lord Byron's boyhood love, is nearby.

    Ernehale: King's land. 6 sesters of honey.
    Urban district of Nottingham. Ernehale means 'place frequented by eagles', and eagles are incorporated into the Council Coat of Arms. Birthplace of the painter Richard Bonington (1801-28).

    Ascam: Archbishop of York. Church, 2 fisheries, mill.

    Haslachestone / Aslache(s)tone / tune: King's land; Walkelin from Walter d'Aincourt; Gilbert de Ghent; Wulfric from Ilbert de Lacy; Wulfric from the king.
    Ancient earthworks; the county's only 3 mud cottages. Birthplace (1489) of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Aigrun: Gilbert Tison. Church, 2 mills.
    Church with Norman, possibly Saxon, masonry. The Robin Hood Theatre, built in 1913, was the scene of Sir Donald Wolfit's first stage appearance in 1917.

    Elde(s)u(e)de / Eldeurde: Alwin from William Peverel; Haldane from the king.

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    Baburde: King's land; Geoffrey from Roger de Bully.
    Some villagers sailed to America in the Mayflower.

    Baldretone / tune: Bishop of Lincoln, formerly Countess Godiva. On the outskirts of Newark; named after the Saxon god Balder.
    Birthplace of Sir Donald Wolfit.

    Barnby in the Willows
    Barnebi: Bishop of Lincoln; Losoard from the Bishop of Bayeux. Church, mill.
    Early 14th century church.

    Barnby Moor
    Barnebi: King's land; Roger de Bully.

    Bernestune: William Peverel; Walter d'Aincourt.
    In the Vale of Belvoir.

    Barton in Fabis
    Bartone: William Peverel; Ralph FitzHubert; Salwin from the king. ½ church with Chilwell.
    Otherwise called Barton in the Beans due to large crops of the food. Site of British and Roman fortifications.

    Baseford: Payne and Saxfrid from William Peverel; Aelfric, the pre-Conquest holder, and Aswulf from the king. 5 mills.
    A district of Nottingham since 1877, on the River Leen. One part called Old Basford.

    Basin(g)felt: Roger de Bully; William Peverel.
    By the disused Grantham Canal and Nottingham Airport.

    Beching(e)ham: 2 men-at-arms from Archbishop of York; Geoffrey from Roger de Bully.

    Bestune: William Peverel.
    Industrial town. Home of Jesse Boot, the founder of Boots the Chemist.

    Besthorpe (in Caunton)
    Bestorp: King's land; Geoffrey Alselin.
    Beesthorpe Hall near Caunton.

    Bileburch / burg: King's land; Ambrose from William Peverel.
    Part of Nottingham.

    Billebi: Ingran from Roger de Bully.

    Bildestorp: Gilbert de Ghent.
    Near Sherwood Forest.

    Bingheham: Roger de Bully.
    Large; a church floorstone commemorates Sir Thomas Ramston who helped Henry Tudor defeat Richard III. He appears as John Ramston in Shakespeare's Richard III.

    Blidworde: Archbishop of York before and after 1066.
    Large; in Sherwood Forest. Maid Marion is said to have lived here, and Will Scarlet to be buried in the churchyard.

    Bolun: 2 men-at-arms from Archbishop of York; Geoffrey from Roger de Bully. ¼ church, 2 mills.
    Site of old fishpond; church with a Norman font.

    Bodmescel(d): King's land; Roger de Bully. Mill.
    Quiet; overlooking the Meden and Maun rivers; site of an ancient camp or fortification; mining nuseum nearby.

    Buchetone / tun: Roger de Bully; Gilbert de Ghent.
    Part of Ollerton.

    Brademere: Robert Malet.

    Broncote / Brun(e)cote: King's land; William Peverel; William the Usher.
    Beautiful views; 15th century manor.

    Brunesleia: Alric from William Peverel.
    Brinsley Hall.

    Brodeholm: Roger de Bully; Berengar de Tosny and William de Percy.

    Brochelestou: King's land; William Peverel; Robert FitzWilliam.
    Part of Nottingham; evidence of early British settlement. Thomas Helwys of Broxtowe Hall built the first Baptist church in England, at Spitalfields, London, in 1611.

    Butebi: King's land.
    Tiny; in Sherwood Forest; built by the 1st Earl Manvers in 1807; castle site.

    Bulecote: Walter d'Aincourt.

    Bul(e)uuelle: William Peverel.
    District of Nottingham since 1877; known for Bulwell rockery stone.

    Burton Joyce
    Bertune: Roger de Bully; Geoffrey Alselin. Church.
    Owned by the Jortz de Bertun family. The 13th century tomb of Robert de Jortz de Bertun is in the church.

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    Calvretone: Archbishop of York; Roger de Poitou; Aelfric, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Church.
    Large; mining; Norman carved stones in the church. Probably the birthplace of William Lee, inventor of the stocking frame, which began the Nottinghamshire hosiery industry in the 17th century; stocking knitters' cottages and museum.

    Carberton: King's land.
    In Sherwood Forest.

    Car Colston
    Colestone / tune: King's land; Roger from Roger de Bully; Walkelin from Walter d'Aincourt.
    17th century hall; prettiest village in the county.

    Carlton (near Nottingham)
    Carentune: Geoffrey Alselin.
    Urban district adjoining Nottingham.

    Carlton in Lindrick
    Careltune / Caretune: King's land; Turold from Roger de Bully. Church, 2 mills.
    Hall and lake; church with a Saxon tower and 12th century chapel.

    Carentune / Carleton(e) / Carle(n)tun(e): King's land; William from Count Alan; Archbishop of York; Roger de Bully; Geoffrey Alselin; Haldane from the king. Mill.
    Quiet; by the River Trent.

    Calnestone / tune: Archbishop of York; Geoffrey Alselin. Mill.
    On The Beck stream; 15th century manor and windmill.

    Chideuuelle / Ciduuelle / Cilleuuelle: William Peverel; Ralph fitzHubert.
    Part of Beeston by Nottingham; nature reserve and lake.

    Claueburgh / Claureburg: Archbishop of York; Fulk and Ulfkell from Roger de Bully; Ernwin, the pre-Conquest holder, and Wulfmer from the king.
    By Chesterfield Canal; hall and ancient yew tree.

    Clauorde: King's land; Fulk from Roger de Bully.
    On Chesterfield Canal; manor house.

    Cliftun(e): William Peverel, formerly Countess Gytha; Ulfkell from the king. Church and mill.
    Now part of Nottingham; green. The church contains relics of the Clifton family, after whom the village was named.

    Cliftone / Cliftune / Cli(s)tone: Bishop of Lincoln; Siwat, Agemund and Ralph from him; Roger from Roger de Bully. ¼ church.
    Now 2 small villages, North and South Clifton.

    Clipestune: Roger de Bully.
    Clipston Wolds.

    Clipestune: Roger de Bully. Mill.
    On the River Mann by Sherwood Forest; remains of King John's Palace, possibly built by the kings of Northumbria. Edward I held a parliament here in 1290. It was also a Tudor hunting lodge.

    Clune: King's land.
    Clown Hill Plantation by Great Lake in Welbeck Park.

    Clumbre / Clunbre: King's land; Ulfkell and Fulk from Roger de Bully. Mill.
    Clumber Bridge and Weir on the River Poulter; Clumber Park.

    Cotintone / tun: Bothild from Bishop of Lincoln; Losoard and Oudkell from Bishop of Bayeux.
    Old dovecote; ruined windmill.


    Collingeham: Peterborough Abbey before and after 1066; Ralph de Limesy. 2 churches, 2 mills.
    Now 2 villages, North and South Collingham, near the Roman town of Crocacalana; remains of a Roman bridge by Cromwell Lock and Weir on River Trent. 2 churches are possibly 7th century, but were rebuilt in Norman times.

    Colui / euul: Waland from William Peverel; Aelfric and Bugg from the king. Church, mill, ½ fishery.
    Part of Nottingham; old church; racecourse and country park.

    Coteshale: William Peverel; Ralph FitzHubert.
    The first coal was dug here 7 centuries ago.

    Cortingestoche(s) / Cotingestoche: Roger de Bully; Godwin from William Peverel; William from Ralph de Buron.
    Church with a fragment of Saxon preaching cross.

    Godegrave: Ralph de Buron and Jocelyn and Warner from him; Roger de Poitou. ½ church.
    Large; colliery. The remain of Roman soldiers were found in graves nearby.

    Cotes / Cotun(e): Bishop of Lincoln; Wazelin from Bishop of Bayeux; Walter d'Aincourt. Church.
    Cotham Grange.

    Cotune: Fulk from Roger de Bully.

    Crunuuelle: Gilbert Tison; Haldane from the king. Church, mill, fishery.
    On the River Trent; lock and weir; ruins of house said to be that of Ralph Lord Cromwell, Treasurer to Henry VI; 13th century restored church on old foundations.

    Cropwell Bishop
    Crophelle / hille: Archbishop of York.
    Originally called Crophill Bishop.

    Cropwell Butler
    Crophelle / hille: Walter d'Aincourt; Roger de Poitou; Ilbert de Lacy.

    Chuchenai: Geoffrey from Roger de Bully; Richard from Hugh FitzBaldric. Church, 2 mills.
    In Sherwood Forest, on the River Poulter. In 1950 a number of skeletons, possibly of men killed in battle in the 12th century, were found buried under the nave.

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    Dordentorp: Ralph de Limesy. Church.
    Danethorpe Hill; Thorpe Field Farm.

    Derluuetun: King's land.
    Ancient earthworks.

    Dune / ham: King's land. Mill, fishery.
    On the River Trent; designated recreational area.

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    Ec(he)ringhe: King's land; Geoffrey Alselin; Erchenbrand and William from Gilbert de Ghent. Church.
    In Sherwood Forest; church.

    East Bridgford
    Brugeford: Roger de Bully. Church.
    On the River Trent; bridge. A Saxon cross and foundation were discovered under the present church, rebuilt in the 12th century.

    East Chilwell
    Estrecille(u)elle / Cum duabus Ciluellis: Ralph FitzHubert; Ernwin from the king. ½ church, willow beds (with Chilwell).
    Part of Beeston; nature reserve with a lake.

    East Drayton
    Draitone / tun: King's land.

    East Markham
    Marcham / Markham: King's land; Ulfkell, Geoffrey and Turold from Roger de Bully. 2 churches, mill.
    Church; hall; home of the 18th century historical writer 'Mrs Markham'.

    East Stoke
    Stochas: Bishop of Lincoln; Osbert from Walter d'Aincourt; Manfred from Ilbert de Lacy.
    Stoke Hall was the home of Lord Pauncefote, the first British Ambassador to the United States.

    Estewic: William Peverel.
    Mining town; birthplace of D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930), whose house is now a museum.

    Aettune / Ettone / Etun(a)e: Archbishop of York; Fulk from Roger de Bully. 2 mills, a garden in Gameston.
    On the River Idle. Redwald of East Anglia slew Ethelfrith of Northumbria at the Battle of the Idle here, in 617.

    Edwoltone / tun: Roger de Poitou; Hugh de Grandmesnil.
    Part of West Bridgford.

    Agemuntone: Roger de Bully. 2 mills.
    On a stream; remains of a Norman castle.

    Elchesleie / leig / lie: King's land; Claron from Roger de Bully; Ernwin the Priest from the king. Church, mill.
    On the River Poulter; church.

    Eluestun(e): Bishop of Lincoln; Ravensward and Arngrim from him; Norman the priest from Roger de Bully; Arngrim from Ilbert de Lacy.

    Ailetone: Ralph from Roger de Bully. Church.
    Church with a Norman arch.

    Ep(re)stone: Roger de Bully; Ralph de Limesy. Mill and 4 mills (with Woodborough), church.
    By Dover Beck; church with a Norman font; paper mill until 1723; old dovecote.

    Evretone: Archbishop of York; Roger de Bully.
    Fenland. Church with a Saxon tympanum.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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