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    Sandford Orcas
    Sanford / a: Humphrey the Chamberlain.
    Early Tudor church; haunted manor house.

    Seveberge / -a / Sewebeorga / Sewoberga: Bishop of Salisbury and Walton Tirrell from him. ½ mill.
    Ancient manor farm.

    Sceptesberie: King's land, Shaftesbury Abbey before and after 1066.
    Ancient hill town, with the foundations of the abbey, originally endowed by King Alfred.

    Scapewic: King's land. 3 mills.

    Scireburne: Bsihop of Salisbury, formerly Queen Edith.
    1000 year old town, dominated by Sherborne Abbey.

    Silfemetone, Scilfemetone / Sevenetone / Sefemetona: Edwin, the king's thane.

    Shipton Gorge
    Sepetone / a: King's land.
    Stone-built; modern housing.

    Seltone: William de Falaise. 3 mills.

    Sixpenny Handley
    Hanlege: Shaftesbury Abbey.
    Scattered; manor farm nearby; once a smuggling centre.

    Metmore: Richard from William de Braose.
    17th century Smedmore House, near Kimmeridge.

    South Perrott
    Pedret: William from Earl Hugh.
    Stone-built. Charles I stayed here after his victory at Lostwithiel.

    Spetsberie / Spehtesberie / Spestesberia: William de Mohun.
    Fine thatched houses; near Spetisbury Rings, an Iron Age earthwork.

    Staford / Stafort: Robert from Count of Mortain; Hugh and William from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip.
    Now the village of West Stafford.

    Stalbridge Weston
    Westone: Bishop of Salisbury.
    Manor farm nearby.

    Stanton St. Gabriel
    Stantone: Alfred from Count of Mortain.
    Ruined 13th century chapel, once a smuggler's hiding place.

    Stiple: Roger de Beaumont.
    Farmhouse; manor house.

    Stincteford / Stiteford: Hugh de St. Quintin; Brictwin from the king and Aiulf from him.
    Poet laureate C. Day Lewis and novelist Thomas Hardy's heart are buried in the churchyard. The village is Mellstock of Hardy's writings.

    Stanberge: Count of Mortain. Mill.

    Stock Gaylard
    Stoches: William d'Eu.
    18th century Stock House, with deer park.

    Stoke Abbot
    Stoche: Monks of Sherborne. Mill.
    Stone, thatched houses.

    Stoke Wake
    Stoche: Shaftesbury Abbey.
    Partly Elizabethan manor house.

    Stoke Wallis
    Stoche: Edric, the king's thane; Ranulf from Thurstan FitzRolf.

    Stur / Sture: Shaftesbury Abbey; Roger de Beaumont. 4 mills.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Stour. Novelist Henry Fielding lived in East Stour manor house, now replaced by a farmhouse.

    Sture: Humphrey the Chamberlain; William Bellett from the king.
    At the foot of Hod Hill, which is crowned with an Iron Age and Roman hill-fort.

    Stourton Caundle
    Candel / e / lle: Count of Mortain and Alwin from him; Hugh from William d'Eu; William d'Ecouis; Wimer from Walscin de Donai; Hugh Silvester; Godric from the king.
    The manor farm chapel was part of the Stourton family's fortified house.

    Stibemetune: Aiulf the Chamberlain.

    Stollant: Hamo from Count of Mortain. 32 salthouses.
    Harbour was used by 16th century pirates.

    Slitlege / Stodlege: Edric from the king.
    Lost in Ryall village.

    Sturminster Marshall
    Sturminstre: Roger de Beaumont. 2 mills.

    Sturminster Newton
    Newentone: St. Mary's, Glastonbury; Waleran, Roger, Ketel and Gotshelm Cook from the king. 4 mills.
    Small town with a working 17th century corn mill that replaced a medieval one.

    Sterte(a): William de Daumeray from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip.
    Lower Sturthill Farm.

    Sutton Poyntz
    Sutone: King's land.
    Near Chalbury Iron Age hill-fort.

    Sutton Waldron
    Sudtone: Waleran.

    Sonwic / Sonwich / Swanwic: Walter Thunder from Countess of Boulogne; wife of Hugh FitzGrip.
    Seaside resort.

    Svere: William from William d'Eu. Mill.

    Sidelince: Milton Abbey; Ansger and Amund from Count of Mortain. 3 mills.
    Attractive, unspoilt; working smithy. Yew trees in the vicarage garden are said to be 1000 years old.

    Simondesberge: Cerne Abbey.
    Pretty; stone and thatch; 17th century manor house.

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    Tarrant Crawford
    Tarente: Bishop of Lisieux.
    Manor farm.

    Tarrant Hinton
    Tarente: Shaftesbury Abbey.
    Thatched cottages.

    Tarrant Keyneston
    Tarente: Bishop of Lisieux. 2 mills.

    Tarrant Launceston
    Tarente: Holy Trinity, Caen.

    Tarrant Monkton
    Tarente: St. Mary's, Cranborne.
    Thatched cottages; ford.

    Tatentone / Tatetun: Aiulf the Chamberlain; wife of Hugh FitzGrip.
    Tatton Farm.

    Tornecome: Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Forde Abbey, founded in 1148, is nearby.

    Torne: Walter Thunder and Robert from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip.

    Torneford: Monks of Sherborne. Mill.
    Much developed.

    Thorn Hill
    Tornehelle: Wulfric from the king.
    Possibly Thornhill House.

    Tornecome: Alward from the king.

    Torentone: William from William d'Eu.
    Thornton Farm.

    Tincladene: William from Earl Hugh.

    Todeberie / a: Geoffrey Mallory from William de Mohun.
    Part-Saxon cross in the churchyard.

    Toller Fratrum
    Tolre: Oger from Waleran. Mill.
    Remote, mainly Tudor settlement, connected with the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem. St. Basil Church has pre-Domesday carvings. Also Toller Porcorum with a church font thought to be part of a Roman altar.

    Toller Whelme
    Tolre: Count of Mortain.
    Tudor manor house.

    Pidele: Abbotsbury Abbey. 2 mills, 300 sheep.
    Home of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, who formed the first trade union and were sentenced to transportation to Australia (1834).

    Trente / a: Ansger from Count of Mortain.
    Manor house with a hiding place for Charles II after the battle of Worcester (1651).

    Trelle: Earl Hugh.
    Trill Farm.

    Turners Puddle
    Pidele: Walter Thunder from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip. Mill. 40 goats, 12 mares with their foals.

    Torneworde: Alfred d'Epaignes.

    Tigeham / Tingeham: Count of Mortain; Edric from the king.
    Derelict. In the danger area of army firing ranges near Lulworth.

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    Up Cerne
    Obcerne: Bishop of Salisbury.
    17th century manor house.

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    Wadone: St. Mary's, Montivilliers.
    Waddon Manor.

    Waldic: William de Daumeray from the king. Mill.
    Traces of ancient field systems.

    Walteford: Godwin Hunter from the king.
    Part of Wimborne Minster.

    Warham: Bishop of Salisbury; St. Wandrilles Abbey; William d'Eu.
    Town settled by Britons, Romans and Saxons and fought over by Danes and during the Civil War. It was rebuilt in Georgian style in 1762.

    Warmemoille / Warmwelle: Robert from Count of Mortain; Earl Hugh; Thorold from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip. 2 mills, 200 sheep.
    17th century manor house, home of John Sadler who predicted the Great Plague, the Fire of London and Monmouth's Rebellion.

    Watrecome / Watrecoma: King's land. ½ mill.

    Pidere: Serlo de Burcy, formerly Earl Harold. Mill. 393 sheep.
    Waterston House, home of Bathsheba Everdene in Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd.

    Weregrave / a: Ralph from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.
    Weathergrove Farm.

    Welle: Monks of Sherborne.

    West Compton
    Contone: Milton Abbey.

    West Knighton
    Chenistetone: William d'Ecouis. 2 mills.

    West Milton
    Mideltone / a: Cerne Abbey. Mill.
    Unspoilt; watermill, now a private house.

    West Parley
    Perlai: Ralph of Cranborne.
    On the outskirts of Bournemouth.

    Whitchurch Canonicorum
    Witcerce: St. Wandrille's Abbey holds the church.
    Norman church with relics of St. Wite, the village's patron saint.

    Widecome / a: Milton Abbey.
    12th-16th century church where the Dorset poet, William Barnes, preached his last sermon.

    Witeclive / a: Serlo de Burcy.
    Whitecliff Farm.

    Wilceswde / -a / Wilchesode / a: Wife of Hugh FitzGrip and Durand Carpenter from her. 2 oxen.
    Wilkswood Farm.

    Wedechesworde: Aethelrun, the king's thane.
    Wilksworth Farm.

    Wimborne Minster
    Winborne / burne: King's land. Edward of Salisbury. 377 sheep, 2 cattle, 74 goats.
    Market town. Ethelred, king of the West Saxons and brother of Alfred the Great, is said to be buried here.

    Wimborne St. Giles
    Winburne: King's land; St. Mary's Cranborne; Wilton Abbey; William Chernet from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip; Wulfgeat from the king; Hervey the Chamberlain. 1 1/3 mills.
    St. Giles House, seat of the Shaftesbury family; 17th century mill house.

    Winfrith Newburgh
    Winfrode / a: King's land with Bolle holding the church. 4 mills.
    Overshadowed by a nuclear power station.

    Winterborne Abbas
    Winterborna / Wintreburne: Cerne Abbey. 18 goats.
    Near the Bronze Age Nine Stones Circle.

    Winterborne Belet

    Winterborne Houghton
    Wintreborne / burne: Ogis from William de Mohun; Hugh from the wife of Hugh FitzGrip; Swein from the king and Robert from him. 300 sheep.

    Winterborne Monkton
    Wintreburn: Countess of Boulogne.
    Below the Neolithic and Iron Age hill fort of Maiden Castle.

    Winterborne Stickland
    Wintreburne: Canons of Coutances.

    Winterborne Whitechurch
    Wintreborne: Milton Abbey.
    Thatched cottages.

    Wichemetune / Wichamatuna: King's land; Hubert from Count of Mortain, formerly Queen Matilda.
    Old Mill, once a 13th century manor house.

    Wardesford / Werdesford / Werdesfort: Cerne Abbey; William from the king. Mill.
    14th century Woodsford Castle.

    Windestorte: Osmund, the king's servant.
    Woodstreet Farm.

    Odiete: St. Mary's Glastonbury.

    Welle, Wille: Count of Mortain; Alward from the king; Aelmer.
    Elizabethan Woolbridge Manor, now an hotel.

    Woolcombe (in Melbury Bubb)
    Wellecombe: Hugh from William d'Eu.

    Woolcombe (in Toller Porcorum)
    Wellacome / Wilecome: Hugh Gosbert, the king's servant; Doda, the king's thane.
    Woolcombe Farm.

    Orgarestone: Humphrey from William de Braose.

    Winlande / a: Milton Abbey. 16 goats.
    Fine Victorian buildings.

    Wootton FitzPaine
    Odetun: Bretel from Count of Mortain; Aiulf the Chamberlain. 3 mills, vines.
    Tudor-style Victorian manor house.

    Vergroh / Weregrote / Wiregrote: Cerne Abbey; Walter from William de Braose; Hugh from the king.
    Part of Wareham.

    Worth Matravers
    Orde / Wirde / Wode: Roger Arundel. 250 sheep.
    Stone-built; early Norman, part-Saxon church.

    Brocheshale / Brochessala: Roger Arundel. 2 cows.
    Scattered; Jacobean manor house.

    Windelham: Roger Arundel.

    Wynford Eagle
    Wenfrot: William d'Eu. Mill.
    Manor house, with a 17th century porch, owned by the Sydenham family for 200 years.

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    Etiminstre: Bishop of Salisbury. Mill.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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