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  • Yorkshire: North Riding

    The following pages will include Domesday place-names and landowners, and links to websites containing the local history of settlements. If you have a local history site that you would like to be included on these pages please get in touch via the Contact page.

    Agglethorpe Ainderby Miers Ainderby
    Ainderby Steeple Airy Holme Aiskew
    Aislaby (nr Pickering) Aislaby (nr Whitby) Aldborough
    Aldbrough Aldwark Allerston
    Allerthorpe Alne Amotherby
    Ampleforth Appleton-le-Moors Appleton-le-Street
    Appleton Wiske Arden Arncliffe
    Asenby Askrigg Aysgarth
    Bagby Baldersby Barden
    Barforth Barnaby Barnby (in Bossall)
    Barnby (nr Whitby) Barningham Barton (nr Aldbrough)
    Barton le Street Barton le Willows Barwick
    Battersby Baxby Beadlam
    Bedale Bellerby Beningbrough
    Birkby Blansby Blaten Carr
    Boltby Bolton on Swale Bordelby
    Borrowby (nr Loftus) Borrowby Bossall
    Brafferton Brampton Brandsby
    Brawby Breck Breckenbrough
    Brignall Brompton (nr Northallerton) Brompton (nr Scarborough)
    Brompton on Swale Brotton Brough
    Broughton (nr Malton) Bulmer Burneston
    Burniston Burrill Burton Dale
    Buttercrambe Butterwick Caldbergh
    Caldwell (nr Barforth) Carlton (nr Middleham) Carlton (Stanwick)
    Carlton (Stockton on the Forest) Carlton (nr Stokesley) Carlton Husthwaite
    Carlton Minniott Caperby Carthorpe
    Castle Bolton Castle Leavington Catterick
    Catton Cawthorn Cawton
    Cayton Claxton Cleasby
    Cliffe Clifton (nr York) Clifton upon Ure
    Cloughton Colburn Cold Kirby
    Coneysthorpe Constable Burton Corburn
    Cornbrough Cotherston Coulby
    Coulton Coverham Cowesby
    Cowling Coxwold Crakehill
    Crambe Crathorne Crayke
    Croft Crooksby Cropton
    Crosby Crunkly Gill Cundall
    Dalby Dalby (nr Whenby) Dale Town
    Dalton (nr Ravensworth) Dalton (nr Topcliffe) Danby (nr Moorsholm)
    Danby (Thornton Steward) Danby Wiske Deepdale
    Deighton Didderston Dishforth
    Downholme Dromonby Dunsley
    Earswick Easby Easby (nr Richmond)
    Easington Easingwold East Appleton
    East Ayton East Cowton East Harlsey
    East Hauxwell Easthorpe East Layton
    East Lilling East Newton East Rounton
    East Tanfield East Witton Ebberston
    Egglestone Egton Ellenthorpe
    Ellerbeck Ellerburn Ellerby
    Ellerton Abbey Ellerton on Swale Ellington
    Eppleby Eryholme Eshingtons
    Eston Everley Exelby
    Faceby Fadmoor Falsgrave
    Farlington Farmanby Fearby
    Fingall Firby Flaxton
    Flowergate Forcett Fors Abbey
    Foston Foxton (Crathorne) Foxton (Thimbelby)
    Fremington Fryton Fylingdales
    Fyling Thorpe Ganthorpe Garriston
    Gate Helmsley Gatenby Gillamoor
    Gilling Gilling East Girlington
    Girsby Gnipe Howe Goldsborough
    Goulton Great Ayton Great Barugh
    Great Broughton Great Busby Great Crakehall
    Great Edstone Great Fencote Great Langton
    Great Smeaton Griff Grimston
    Grinton Gristhorpe Guisborough
    Habton, Great and Little Hackforth Hackness
    Hangton / Hangton Hill Harmby Harome
    Hartforth Harton Hawnby
    Haxby Helmsley Helperby
    Hemlington Henderskelfe Hesselton
    Heworth High Burton High Stakesby
    High Sutton High Worsall Hildenley
    Hill Grips Hilton Hinderwell
    Hipswell Holme (nr Thirsk) Holtby
    Holtby (nr York) Hornby (nr Hackforth) Hoveton
    Hovingham Howe Howgrave
    Howthorpe Huby Hudswell
    Humberton Hunderthwaite Hundulfthorpe
    Huntington Hunton Hutton Bonville
    Hutton Buscel Hutton Conyers Hutton Hang
    Hutton-le-Hole Hutton Lowcross Hutton Magna
    Hutton Mulgrave Hutton Rudby Ilton
    Ingleby Arncliffe Ingleby Greenhow Ingleby Hill
    Inglethwaite Irby Irton (nr Scarborough)
    Irton (Thornton on the Hill) Islebeck Kelsit
    Kepwick Kettlethorpe Kilburn
    Kildale Killerby (nr Catterick) Killerby (in Cayton)
    Kilton Kilton Thorpe Kingthorpe
    Kiplin Kirby Kirby (in Stokesley)
    Kirby Hill Kirby Wiske Kirkby
    Kirkby Fleetham Kirkby Knowle Kirkby Moorside
    Kirkleatham Kirk Leavington Kirklington
    Knayton Kneeton Lackenby
    Landmoth Langthorne Langthorpe
    Lartington Lastingham Laysthorpe
    Lazenby (nr Guisborough) Lazenby (nr Northallerton) Leake
    Lealholme Lebberston Leckby
    Levisham Leyburn Linton upon Ouse
    Little Ayton Little Barugh Little Broughton
    Little Busby Little Edstone Little Fencote
    Little Langton Little Marish Little Moorsholm
    Little Smeaton Liverton Lockton
    Loft Marishes Loftus Lonton
    Low Haile Low Hutton Low Worsall
    Lythe Maltby Manfield
    Mardeby Marrick Marske
    Marton (nr Middlesbrough) Marton (nr Pickering) Marton-in-the-Forest
    Masham Maunby Melmerby
    Melmerby (nr Middleham) Melsonby Mickleby
    Mickleton Middleham Middleton
    Middleton (nr Guisborough) Middleton (nr Pickering) Middleton Quernhow
    Middleton Tyas Middleton Leven Milby
    Misperton Moorsholm Mortham
    Morton (East Harlsey) Morton (nr Guisborough) Morton (in Skelton)
    Morton-upon-Swale Mortun Moulton
    Mowthorpe Moxby Mulgrave
    Murton (nr Cold Kirby) Murton (nr York) Myton-on-Swale
    Nawton Ness Hall Nether Silton
    Newham Newholme Newsham (Amotherby)
    Newsham (Brompton) Newsham (nr Hutton Magna) Newsham (nr Kirby Wiske)
    Newton (nr Guisborough) Newton (nr Levisham) Newton (West Ayton)
    Newton-le-Willows Newton Morrell Newton Mulgrave
    Newton Picto Newton-upon-Ouse Normanby (nr Eston)
    Normanby (Fylingdales) Normanby Northallerton
    North Cowton Northfield North Holme
    North Kilvington North Otterington Norton Conyers
    Norton-le-Clay Nunnington Nunthorpe
    Old Boulby Old Byland Old Malton
    Ormesby Osbaldwick Osgodby
    Osgoodby Osmotherley Oswaldkirk
    Oulston Over Dinsdale Over Silton
    Overton Ovington Patrick Brompton
    Pickering Pickill Pinchingthorpe
    Pockley Prestby Preston (Hutton Buscel)
    Preston-upon-Scar Rainton Raskelf
    Ravensthorpe Ravensworth Rawcliff Banks
    Rawcliffe Redmire Reeth
    Riccall Richmond Rokeby
    Romaldkirk Romanby Rookwith
    Roskelthorpe Roxby (nr Loftus) Roxby (Thornton Dale)
    Rudby Ruston Ruswick
    Ryton Salton Sandburn
    Sand Hutton (nr Thirsk) Sand Hutton (nr York) Scackleton
    Scalby Scargill Scawthorpe
    Scawton Scorton Scotton
    Scruton Seamer (nr Scarborough) Seamer (nr Stokesley)
    Seaton Sessay Sheriff Hutton
    Shipton Sigston Sinderby
    Sinnington Skeeby Skelton (nr Saltburn)
    Skelton (nr York) Skewsby Skipton-on-Swale
    Skutterskelfe Slingsby Snainton
    Sneaton Solberge South Cowton
    South Holme South Loftus South Otterington
    Sowerby (nr Thirsk) Sowerby (in Whitby) Sowerby (under Cotcliffe)
    Spaunton Spennithorne Sproxton
    Stainsby Stainton (in Stanghow) Stainton (nr Thornaby)
    Stainton Dales Stanwick Stapleton
    Startforth Stearsby Stillington
    Stiltons Stittenham Stockton on the Forest
    Stokesley Stonegrave Strensall
    Suffield Sutton Howgrave Sutton on the Forest
    Sutton under Whitestone Cliff Swainby Swarthorpe
    Swinton (nr Malton) Swinton (nr Masham) Tanton
    Terrington Theakston Thimbleby
    Thirkleby Thirley Cotes Thirn
    Thirsk Tholthorpe Thoralby
    Thoraldby Thoresby Thormanby
    Thornaby (on Tees) Thornton (nr Thornaby on Tees) Thornton (in Thornton Watlass)
    Thornton Bridge Thornton Dale Thornton Fields
    Thornton le Beans Thornton le Clay Thornton le Moor
    Thornton le Street Thornton Riseborough Thornton Rust
    Thornton Steward Thorpe (Sutton on the Forest) Thorpe (nr Wycliffe)
    Thorpefield (nr Scarborough) Thorpefield (nr Thirsk) Thorpe Hill
    Thorpe le Willows Thorpe Perrow Thrintoft
    Tocketts Tollerton Tollesby
    Topcliffe Towthorpe Troutsdale
    Tunstall (nr Catterick) Tunstall (nr Stokesley) Twislebrook
    Ugglebarnby Ugthorpe Upleatham
    Upper Helmsley Upsall (nr Eston) Upsall (nr Kirkby Knowle)
    Upsland Walton Warlaby
    Warthill Wath (nr East Tanfield) Wath (nr Hovingham)
    Watlass Welburn (nr Bulmer) Welburn (nr Kirkby Moorside)
    Welbury Well Wensley
    West Acklam West Ayton West Bolton
    West Burton West Harlsey West Hauxwell
    Westhouse West Layton West Lilling
    West Newton West Rounton West Scrafton
    West Tanfield West Witton Whenby
    Whitby Whitwell on the Hill Whorlton
    Wide Open Wiganthorpe Wigginton
    Wildon Wilton (nr Eston) Wilton (nr Pickering)
    Winton Wombleton Worton
    Wrelton Wycliffe Wykeham (in Malton)
    Wykeham (nr Scarborough) Wykeham Hill Yafforth
    Yarm Yarnwick Yearsley
    York Youlton

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