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  • What does the Domesday Book contain?

    There are some 13418 towns and villages recorded in the Domesday Book, covering 40 of the old counties of England. The majority of these still exist in some form today.

    Click on a county name on the map to continue, or use the list of links below it. To see full names of counties hold your mouse over the name.

    NOTE: Some places now in modern day Wales are listed under the nearest English county in the Domesday Book. Some major cities like London and Winchester were not recorded; Greater London boroughs are in Middlesex; Northumberland did not exist.

    Lancashire Cumberland Westmorland North Riding West Riding East Riding Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Staffordshire Cheshire Shropshire Herefordshire Cornwall Devonshire Somerset Suffolk Norfolk Rutland Leicestershire Worcestershire Warwickshire Northamptonshire Huntingdonshire Cambridgeshire Dorset Gloucestershire Oxfordshire Wiltshire Buckinghamshire Berkshire Hampshire Bedfordshire Essex Hertfordshire Middlesex Surrey Sussex Kent

    Bedfordshire | Berkshire | Buckinghamshire | Cambridgeshire | Cheshire | Cornwall | Cumberland | Derbyshire | Devonshire | Dorset | Essex | Gloucestershire | Hampshire | Herefordshire | Hertfordshire | Huntingdonshire | Kent | Lancashire | Leicestershire | Lincolnshire | Middlesex | Norfolk | Northamptonshire | Nottinghamshire | Oxfordshire | Rutland | Shropshire | Somerset | Staffordshire | Suffolk | Surrey | Sussex | Warwickshire | Westmorland | Wiltshire | Worcestershire | East Riding | North Riding | West Riding

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    The Domesday Book, 1086

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