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  • Warwickshire G-P

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    Graneberge / Greneberge: Coventry Abbey; Richard the Forester from the king. Mill.

    Great Alne
    Alne: Winchcombe Abbey. Mill.
    Great Alne Hall.

    Grendone: Thurstan from Henry de Ferrers. Mill.
    Grendon Hall; Croft House, built in 1781 above the old mill race.

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    Hampton Lucy
    Hantone: Bishop of Worcester. Mill.

    Honesworde: Drogo from William FitzAnsculf. Mill.
    Matthew Boulton and James Watts set up the first steam engine in the Midlands here.

    Horeborne: Robert from Bishop of Chester.
    District of Birmingham.

    Herdeberge: Richard the Forester and Ansegis from the king. Mill.

    Erdburberie / Erbur(ge)berie: Coventry Abbey; Count of Meulan; William from Thorkell of Warwick; Wazelin from Henry de Ferrers; William Bonvallet.

    Ardreshille: Nicholas from Countess Godiva.
    Stone quarries including the Blue Hole; birthplace of the poet Michael Drayton (1563-1631).

    Haseleia: Humphrey from Hascoit Musard. Mill.
    Haseley Hall; Haseley Manor.

    Haseloue: Nicholas the Gunner. Mill, salthouse.
    Late Georgian watermill.

    Altone: Nigel d'Aubigny.

    Hille: Warin from Abingdon Abbey.

    Hildebereurde / Hildeborde: Urso d'Abetot; Hugh from Osbern FitzRichard. Mill, salthouse.
    Ghosts, including that of Shakespeare's White Lady, Anne Whateley, are reputed to haunt Hillborough Manor.

    Mortone: Waltheof and Merwin from Count of Meulan; Hugh de Grandmesnil; Richard the Forester from the king.
    James Petiver, 16th to 17th century botanist and entomologist, lived here.

    Hoden(h)elle: Gilbert from Count of Meulan; Harding and Godwin from Thorkell of Warwick; Roger from William FitzCorbucion.

    Hunitone: Coventry Abbey. 4 mills.
    Honington Hall.

    Apleford: Wulfric from Geoffrey de la Guerche.
    Hopsford Hall.

    Huningeham: Osmund and Ketel from William FitzCorbucion.

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    Etelincote: Robert of Stafford.
    Idlicote House.

    Edelmitone / Ilmedone: Count of Meulan and Odard from him; Alric, the pre-Conquest holder, from Robert of Stafford.

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    Chinewrde: Richard the Forester from the king.
    Market town with the ruins of 12th century Kenilworth Castle.

    (To find out more about Kenilworth's history click here)

    Quintone: King's land.
    Market town. Charles I met his bride, Henrietta Maria, here.

    Kineton Green
    Cintone: Aelmer from William FitzCorbucion.

    Chinesberie: Nicholas from Countess Godiva.
    Said to be the site of the palace of the kings of Mercia. Kingsbury Mill made guns for the Napoleonic wars.

    King's Norton
    Nortune: King's land.
    Area in Birmingham; early 15th century Old Grammar School, originally a priest's house.

    Cintone: Count of Meulan.

    Chenevertone: Ranulf from Evesham Abbey. Mill.

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    Lodbroc(h): William from Count of Meulan; Ermenfrid, Aelmer, William, a priest and Gilbert from Thorkell of Warwick; William from Hugh de Grandmesnil. Mill.

    Longelei: Ludichael from Robert of Stafford.

    Lapeforde: Hugh de Grandmesnil.

    Lark Stoke
    Stoche: St. Mary's of Evesham.

    Lea Green

    Lea Marston
    Leth Merstone: Robert d'Oilly and Robert Hunter from Thorkell of Warwick; Robert the Bursar. Mill.
    Home of Lord Norton (1814-1905), who pioneered selfgovernment for territories in the British Empire.

    Leamington Hastings
    Lunnitone: Hascoit Musard.
    Mill. Attractive; by the River Leam.

    Leamington Spa
    Lamistone: Earl Roger. 2 mills.
    Town, a fashionable Regency spa. Napoleon III lived here after the collapse of the 2nd Empire in 1871.

    Listecorne: William Bonvallet.

    Ulintone / Lillintone: Warin and Roger from Count of Meulan; Robert d'Oilly from Thorkell of Warwick. Mill.

    Lindeorde: King's land.
    Lindsworth Road and Approach, in King's Norton.

    Little Compton
    Contone: Warin from Robert of Stafford; St. Denis' Church of Paris.
    In a valley, it was once known as 'Compton in the flowers'.

    Little Lawford
    Lilleford: Leofeva from Thorkell of Warwick. Mill.

    Long Compton
    Cuntone: Geoffrey de Mandeville. Mill.
    Rollright Stones and King Stone are nearby.

    Longdon (in Solihull)
    Langedone: Aelmer from Thorkell of Warwick.

    Longdon (in Tredington)
    Longedun: Gilbert FitzThorold from Worcester Church.
    Longdon Manor.

    Long Itchington
    Icentone: Christina. 2 mills.
    Birthplace of St. Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester (c. 1012-95). Dudley, Earl of Leicester, entertained Elizabeth I here.

    Long Lawford
    Lelleford: Geoffrey de la Guerche. Mill.

    Long Marston
    Merestone: St. Mary's, Coventry.

    Lochesham / Locheslei: Bishop of Worcester; Hugh from Count of Meulan; Hugh FitzConstantine from Hugh de Grandmesnil.
    Loxley Hall. The church stands on one of the country's oldest foundations: a site given by Offa, King of Mercia, to the Cathedral Church of Worcester in 760.

    Luditone: 4 men-at-arms from Count of Meulan.
    Shakesperare allegedly married Anne Hathaway here, in the chapel (replaced in the 19th century).

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    Machitone: Alnoth from Thorkell of Warwick.

    Mapelberg: Geoffrey from William FitzCorbucion.
    Mapleborough Green.

    Marston Green
    Merstone: Roger from Thorkell of Warwick.

    Marston Jabbett
    Merstone: Hereward, the pre-Conquest holder, from Count of Meulan.

    Mene: King's land.
    Meon Hill; ancient camp.

    Middle Bickenhill
    Alia Bichehelle: Thorkell of Warwick.

    Mideltone / Mildentone: Hugh de Grandmesnil and Adelaide his wife. Mill.
    Middleton Hall.

    Melecote: Stephen.

    Malvertone: Count of Meulan. Mill.
    Now 2 villages, Old and New Milverton.

    Meneworde: Thorkell of Warwick.
    Area near Sutton Coldfield.

    Monks Kirby
    Chircheberie: Geoffrey de la Geurche.

    Moreton Morrell
    Mortone: Count of Meulan.
    Former home of the Randolph family; Jane was the mother of Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of the USA.

    Morton Bagot
    Mortone: Hugh from Robert of Stafford.

    Museleie: King's land.

    Moi / Muitone: Count of Meulan; St. Mary's Church and Algar from Thorkell of Warwick.

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    Napton on the Hill
    Eptone / Neptone: Robert from Count of Meulan; Robert and Ulfketel, the pre-Conquest holder, from Thorkell of Warwick.

    Nether Whitacre
    Witecore: Robert de Vessey; Edwin from Thorkell of Warwick.
    Whitacre House.

    Newbold Comyn
    Niwebold: Malmesbury Abbey before and after 1066; Gilbert from Count of Meulan. Mill.

    Newbold on Avon
    Newebold: Geoffrey de la Guerche.
    Newbold Grange; Newbold House.

    Newbold Pacey
    Niwebold: Humphrey from Hascoit Musard.
    Newbold Pacey Hall.

    Newbold Revel
    Feniniwebold: Geoffrey de la Guerche.
    Home Office building, once a country house.

    Newnham (in Aston Cantlow)
    Neweham: Coventry Abbey.

    Newnham Paddox
    Niweham: Ansegis from Geoffrey de la Guerche. Mill.
    Home of Earl Denbigh.

    Newton (near Rugby)
    Niwetone: Godric, Aldith and Ralph from Thorkell of Warwick.

    Nordfeld: Alfwold from William FitzAnsculf.
    District of Birmingham.

    Norton Lindsay
    Mortone(sic): Hervey from Robert of Stafford.

    Etone: Earl Aubrey; Robert d'Oilly from Thorkell of Warwick. Mill.
    Market town, once a Saxon settlement at the edge of the Forest of Arden. 'Nun' was added in 1290 when a Benedictine nunnery was established.

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    Offeworde: Robert of Stafford and Leofing from him. Mill.

    Oleberge: Evesham Abbey.

    Oveslei: Fulk from Count of Meulan. Mill.
    Area near Alcester.

    Over Whitacre
    Witacre: Walter from Hugh de Grandmesnil.

    Octeselve: Hugh de Grandmesnil. Mill.
    In 1183, Robert of Stafford granted the Bordesley monks land 'on the torrent of Oxhill where my oxherds dwell'.

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    Patitone: Godmund from Thorkell of Warwick. 2 mills.
    Now 2 villages, Little and Great Packington.

    Perry Barr
    Pirio: Drogo from William FitzAnsculf. Mill.
    Suburb of Birmingham. The Romans built a bridge here to carry the Icknield Way over the River Tame.

    Pillerton Hersey
    Pilardetone: Hugh de Grandmesnil. Mill.

    Pillerton Priors
    Pilardetune: Waleran from Earl Hugh; St. Evoul's Abbey from Hugh de Grandmesnil.

    Preston Bagot
    Prestetone: Count of Meulan and Hugh from him.
    Preston Bagot House.

    Preston on Stour
    Preston: Church of St. Denis, Paris.
    17th century Alscot House.

    Priors Hardwick
    Herdewicke: Coventry Abbey.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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