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  • Shropshire and Welsh entries

    The following pages include Domesday place-names and landowners, and beneath some are links to websites containing the local history of that place. If you have a local history site that you would like to be included on these pages please get in touch via the Contact page.

    Abdon Acton Burnell Acton Pigott
    Acton Reynold Acton Round Acton Scott
    Adderley Alberbury Albright Hussey
    Albrightlee Albrighton (nr Shifnal) Albrighton (nr Shrewsbury)
    Alcaston Aldon Alkington
    Alveley Amaston Ashford
    Astley Aston (Munslow) Aston (Oswestry)
    Aston (in Wern) Aston Botterell Aston Eyre
    Atcham Badger Barlow
    Baschurch Baveney Bayston
    Bearstone Beckbury Bedstone
    Belswardine Benthall Berrington
    Berwick (Atcham) Berwick (Shrewsbury) Besford
    Beslow Betton (Berrington) Betton (Norton in Hales)
    Bicton Bishton Bitterley
    Boreton Bouldon Bourton
    Bratton Brockton (Longford) Brockton (Sheriff Hales)
    Brockton (Stanton Long) Brockton (Sutton Maddock) Brogyntyn
    Bromfield Brompton (Berrington) Broom
    Broome Broseley Broughton
    Bucknell (nr Clun) Buildwas Burford
    Burwarton Buttery Calverhall
    Cantlop Cardestone Cardington
    Catsley Cause Caynham
    Charlcotte Charlton Chelmarsh
    Chelmick Cheney Longville Cherrington
    Chesthill Cheswardine Chetton
    Chetwynd Child's Ercall Chipnall
    Chirbury Choulton Church Preen
    Church Pulverbatch Claverley Clee St. Margaret
    Cleestanton Cleobury Mortimer Cleobury North
    Clun Clunbury Clungunford
    Clunton Cold Hatton Colemere
    Condover Coreley Corfham
    Corfton Cosford Coston
    Cothercott Coton (in Wem) Coton upon Tern
    Cound Cressage Cross Hill(s)
    Crudgington Culmington Dawley
    Detton Deuxhill Dinthill
    Ditton Priors Doddington Donington
    Dorrington Dudston Eardington
    Earls Ditton Easthope Eaton Constantine
    Eaton Mascott Edenhope Edg(e)bold
    Edgeley Edgmond Edgton
    Edstastone Ellerdine Ellesmere
    Emstrey English Frankton Eudon Burnell
    Eudon George Eyton (in Alberbury) Eyton (in Baschurch)
    Eyton-on-Severn Eyton-upon-the-Weald-Moors Faintree
    Farley Farlow Felton Butler
    Fenemere Fitz Ford
    Forton Frodesley Fulwardine
    Glazeley Golding Gravenhunger
    Greater Poston Great Hanwood Great Wytheford
    Gretton Grinshill Hadley
    Hadnall Halston Harcourt
    Harcourt (Stottesdon) Harley Hatton (in Shifnal)
    Haughton Hawk(e)sley Henley (in Bitterley)
    Higford High Hatton High Ercall
    Highley Hinstock Hockleton
    Hodnet Hope Bendrid Hope Bowdler
    Hopesay Hopton (in Hodnet) Hopton Castle
    Hopton Wafers Hordley Horton (in Hadley)
    Horton (in Wem) Howle Huntington
    Ightfield Ingardine Isle Farm
    Isombridge Kemberton Kempton
    Kenley Kingsnordley Kinlet
    Kinnerley Kinnersley Kynaston
    Lack Lacon Langley
    Lawley Leaton Ledwyche
    Lee (in Leebotwood) Le(e)botwood Lee Brockhurst
    Leegomery Leighton Lesser Poston
    Lilleshall Little Drayton Little Dawley
    Little Ness Little Sutton Little Wenlock
    Little Wytheford Llanvair Waterdine Longden
    Longdon-upon-Tern Longford Longner
    Longslow Loppington Loton
    Low, The (in Wem) Lowe (in Stottesdon) Ludford
    Lutwyche Lydbury North Lydham
    Lydley Heys Madeley Maesbrook
    Maesbury Market Drayton Marchamley
    Marrington Marton Mawley
    Meadowley Melverley Meole Brace
    Merrington Middlehope Middleton (Bitterley)
    Middleton (Chirbury) Middleton Millichope
    Milson Minsterley Minton
    Montford Moreton Corbet Moreton Say
    Morton (in Oswestry) Morville Moston
    Much Wenlock Myddle Myndtown
    Mytton Neen Savage Neen Sol(l)ars
    Neenton Netley Norton (Aston Botterell)
    Norton (Condover) Norton in Hales Oaks
    Obley Oldbury Onibury
    Onneley Onslow Onslow (nr Ford)
    Osbaston Oswestry Overs
    Overton Oxenbold Patton
    Peplow Petton Pickthorn
    Pitchford Plaish Polmere
    Pontesbury Poynton Prees
    Preston Brockhurst Preston Gubbals Preston Montford
    Preston upon the Weald Moors Priest Weston Pulestone
    Pulley Purslow Quatford
    Quatt Ratlinghope Rhiston
    Rodington Romsley Rorrington
    Rossall Rowton (in Alberbury) Rowton (Ercall Magna)
    Rudge Rushbury Ruthall
    Ruyton-of-the-Eleven-Towns Ryton Sambrook
    Sandford Shavington Shawbury
    Sheet Sheinton Shelton
    Sheriff Hales Shifnall Shipley
    Shipton Shrawardine Shrewsbury
    Sibdon Carwood Sidbury Siefton
    Sleapa Smethcott Soulton
    Spoonley Stanton Lacy Stanton
    Stanton upon Hine Heath Stanwardine in the Fields Stanway
    Stapleton Steel Stepple
    Steventon Stockton Stoke St. Milborough
    Stokesay Stoke upon Tern Stottesdon
    Strefford Stretton Sutton (nr Shrewsbury)
    Sutton Maddock Sutton upon Tern Tets(t)ill
    The Marsh Tibberton Ticklerton
    Tittenley Tong Tugford
    Uckington Uffington Uppington
    Upton Cresset Upton Magna Walcot
    Walford Walltown Walton
    Waters Upton Wattlesborough Welbatch
    Wellington Welshampton Wem
    Wentnor Westbury West Felton
    Westhope Weston Cot(t)on Weston Rhyn
    Weston under Redcastle Wheathill Whitchurch
    Whittingslow Whittington Whitton
    Whixall Wigmore Wigwig
    Wilderley Willey Winsley
    Wistanstow Withington Wollaston
    Wollerton Wolverley Womerton
    Woodcote (in Bicton) Woodcote (nr Newport) Woolstaston
    Woolston (West Felton) Woolston (Wistanstow) Woore
    Wootton Worfield Worthen
    Wotherton Wrentnall Wrockwardine
    Wroxeter Wykey Yagdon
    Yockleton Yorton

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    Shropshire Domesday entries in modern Wales

    Ackhill Ackley Aston
    Bausley Castlewright Churchstoke
    Edderton Forden Hem
    Hopton Hyssington Knighton
    Leighton Mellington Montgomery
    Norton Stanage Thornbury
    Weston Wolston Mynd Woodluston

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