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  • Cumberland

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    See Millom.

    Santacherche: King's land.
    2 prehistoric burial stones.

    Hougun: Land of the king. Earl Tosti had 4 carucates. In Killerwick 3c., Sowerby 3c., Heaton 4c., Dalton 2c., Wart 2c., Newton 6c., Walton 6c., Suntun 2c., Fordbootle 2c., Roose 6c., Hart 2c., Leece 6c., another Leece 2c., Gleaston 2c., Stainton 2c., Crivelton 4c., Orggrave 3c., Martin 4c., Pennington 2c., Kirkby Ireleth 2c., Broughton 6c., Bardsea 4c., Whicham [Westmorland] 4c., BOOTLE 4c., Kirksanton [C] 1c., Millom (Hougenai) [C] 6c. (Bodele). All these villages belong to Millom.

    Witingham: King's land.
    Whicham Hall is nearby.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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